Going travelling around the world, do you need a visa for every country you go to?

i’m not going, but i’d love to in the future and i was just wondering if you’d need a visa just to pass through? (i wouldn’t be working, im saving!) 🙂

Every country is different and have different policies. In some countries you need a visa. In some countries you pay an Exit Tax instead of a visa. Some require a visa if you are staying more than X amount of weeks. Some require your passport to have X amount of months on it in order to enter. When you are ready to plan your trip you’ll want to look at each country you plan on visiting and plan accordingly.

Or you could do an around the world cruise (drinking rum by the pool is so much more comfy than traveling coach, haha). This will cut down a lot on the amount of entrance red tape you’ll need to deal with and the cruise will let you know where you need visas and such. Plus you’ll get a little taste of multiple regions.

Good luck and I hope you get to go! If you can’t do it all at once do it in chunks – thats the way most of us have to do it 🙂

It depends on the country. As you’re Irish, you’ll be able to visit any European country without a visa. You’ll probably get into the US and Canada for a maximum of 90 days.You’ll need to discuss with embassies of other countries you wish to visit. Some countries will allow you to enter without a visa. Some will require you to pay for a visa when you land at the destination airport. Others will expect you to have a visa before you board the plane – be aware that some of countries will only give you a visa if you apply within your own country whereas some others are happy to give a visa at any of their embassies (this is crucial as if decide to visit a country once you start travelling, you may have difficulty obtaining a visa).

The best thing to do whilst you are saving is to think about which countries you wish to visit. Once you have an idea, you can research whilst your are saving.

It doesn’t just depend where you’re going to, but also where you’re coming from. For instance, if you’re British you can visit most of Europe without visas, but in many other parts of the world an American passport will get you through unhindered.
Check out the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (or Department of State) for advice on each country you plan to visit. Or visit one of the many online travel forums (such as GoWander) to talk to people who’ve done it already.

each country is different, it also depends what nationality you are and what passport you hold. for example is you have a british passport it must be endorsed ‘british citizen’ to enter the USA on their visa waiver programme (which will actually be phazed out in january anyway, but just as an example). if you have a british passport but you are not a citizen (say a british subject) you would need a visa.
the best thing to do when you are going traveling is check each country you wish to go to.
you will also find that many countries who dont require visas for your passport will still need proof of you leaving their country with in a certian time limit, for instance you can go to thailand on a british passport without a visa for up to 30 days, but if you are going for longer you need a visa even if you are not spending the whole time in thailand, e.g you are spending 10 days in thailand, then a week in cambodia then returning to thailand for a month before taking a flight to australia, then you would need to have your onward tickets to cambodia to be allowed into thailand without a visa.
i hope that makes sense

This one of those things that you have to carefully research before you set off. Some countries will admit you without a visa, others won’t.

Most countries you would unless it is just a stop in the airport.I know Australia you need a visa which you can get ahead of time from there embassy.If you don’t have one you can’t get out of the airport.

You don’t need visa for most of Europe (EU countries). For all other countries, check with their embassy or website.

You have to check country by country, depending on the country where you live.

almost all ,,outside europe..

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