Ford 351c….big block or small block?

When I sold parts, most ford guys referred to to the Cleveland as a big block. I would win bets when I showed them that Ford Motorsports listed the 351c in the small block family. I also stumbled across a tech article that stated you put Cleveland heads on a Windsor (or vice versa) by plugging some water passages and drilling out others. Where did the big block myth come from?

I think the confusion comes from the deck height, it’s a tall block motor compared to the usual small blocks, but it’s still a small block. Small Block and Big Block are relative terms, I don’t think there is a definitive dividing line. I had old ford 312’s and 292’s that were considered big block or Y block engines there is a 352 big block and there are some 400 small blocks go figure

The most awesome ford ever made was the Lincoln 462 elephant motor, had one in a 60 F100 what an awesome truck that was.

you have to be an idiot to be a ford guy its a small block though.


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