Dog ate a bucket load of earthworms and slugs.. Dangerous?

My kids have been in the garden collecting earthworms and slugs whilst I was out and i guess they collected about a hundred or so. Unfortunatelly it seems they let my dog eat most of the contents, I found the mess when I got back,
Just wondering if this might be dangerous? Since dogs are carnivores I guess not

Exceedingly dangerous for both the worms and the slugs.

Mike, do you sit up at night making up these questions? Peeing in the bucket really was the finishing touch!

Yes, just like your problems with your pretend children, this could be serious.

Call a Vet.

Dogs can catch lungworm just from picking something that a slug has been on. I hope you got him worming tablets before this happened, otherwise you could be in trouble and its dangerous. You should take him to the vets before it develops.


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