Do you think Rev. Wright influenced Obama’s character while being his mentor for 20 years?

men·tor – a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

If Wright was Obama’s wise and trusted counselor/teacher for 20 years and had no influence on his character, Obama must be a real dolt.

Gee I wonder? It seems to me that the racist thing starts when ever someone anyone says that they aren’t going to vote for Obama that ought to be the question
yes he was , you cant ont listen to someone for 20 years without being influenced

I don’t know but if he did influence Obama’s character then that suggests the picture of the Reverend depicted by the right wing press is totally false.

Obama seems to me to be a man of stature and good grace. Perhaps you might learn something from him?!?

NOPE. Sad and desperate. Rev. Wright has been debated in the primaries. Why do you neo-CONS keep beating a dead horse when it’s down. (=

Honestly, I’m surprised your still using this tired line 25 days before the election when it hasn’t worked for the last 6 months.

Probably, but probably not as much as former SS troop Izetbegovic, or terrorists from the KLA influenced the McCain and Clinton Males and Females.

No. Why would Obama be racist? He is half white. Why is everyone always saying he’s black?

NOT a chance

I am more worried about the brainwashing McCain went through while he was a POW


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