Do atheists realize that if God were to provide unambiguous proof his existence, this would violate free will?

Do you realize that God would basically be raping us if he descended out of the clouds announcing his supreme authority? Why do atheists want a God like this?

The atheistic bickering for unambiguous proofs of God’s existence only reflects their self-conceived frustration that they can’t prove anything of their own assertions.

Not sure what this question is about….
But I think everyone including atheist understand the principle of faith attribute of religion.
However I feel just for arguments sake ….
As far as I know most religious do provide what is called proof of faith…. i.e. Jesus, Buda, Moses, Muhammad, all claimed they talked to something divine thus providing proof of their various religion (Or according to some, claimed some of them to be divine themselves.). So I don’t think there is a talking point due to the fact that the faithful would claim that as proof. Atheist simply dispute or deny those claims is all or they do not see this as proof enough.

A Christian saying Jesus wasn’t proof of god… then they are not a Christian if they don’t believe he was who he was right? Or a Muslim not believing Muhammad taught the true religion from the lips of an a divine being? It’s ridiculous to believe that the religious don’t claim something as proof.

But to tell the truth if I have the free will to go to hell by not believing… then so what? I’m in hell not you if it does indeed exist right?

Does God have free will? He knows He exists right? Exactly how does knowing God exists take away anyone’s free will? You still don’t have to follow Him just because you know He exists. If anything, how can any real lessons on life begin with an absentee teacher? You just provided a very poor excuse for why your nonexistent God fails to show up.

How convenient. You guys come up with new excuses to explain away the complete lack of evidence for your god all the time, don’t you?

By the way, when did that &quot:free will&quot: doctrine take effect? The Old Testament is full of stories of God being right in people’s faces and giving them unambiguous proof of his existence. When did God change his mind about free will, and where is that in the Bible?

I am a Christian. There IS proof that God exists. Look around you: everything is proof He exists from the oceans filled with life down to the flowers your mother plants every year.
Anytime you go,&quot:Ahh!&quot: at the beauty of something or cheer because your son’s basketball team won a game…. God exists. He gives Junior the talent needed for basketball. The Fall leaves, God gave us too.
Yes God exists and He is good.

How does that violate free will?

People frequently commit crime on the knowledge that they will be caught and punished. But they still do it.

Do the police prevent free will?

If you want to talk about free will, try explaining how anyone living in a world created by an all powerful, all knowing being can truly have free will.

I exist.

Did I just &quot:rape&quot: you by not allowing you to believe that I don’t exist? That’s childishly naive to think such a thing, free will doesn’t exist. You have no free will.

If I type out the word &quot:purple&quot:, and you read it, guess what? You’re imagining something purple in some capacity. You have no choice in the matter. I made you do it. You can’t stop it from happening. There’s no &quot:free will&quot: there.

So did the word &quot:purple&quot: just rape your brain?

If not, imagine a giant, floppy, purple dildo, having sex with your brain.

Have fun!

No, why does providing evidence of something violate free will? In what way did discovering antibiotics violate free will? It simply gave more options.

He would not be violating his free will…that’s if he existed…Free will comes from the origin of our creation…grass…we literally were formed by grass and.then evolved into fish, monkeys, etc. yes I skipped many generations.of.evolution. Also, Atheists don’t and will never believe in a higher powered authority other than.our own.government..
we want him to descend from the clouds to show he exists…but.until then…science prevails.

God’s omniscience violates free will because it shows how everything is pre-determined.
I.e. God creates Frank, knowing that Frank will be an atheist starting at age 22. GOD MAKES HIM ANYWAY DURRRRRRRRR

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