Could reality have created itself?

There are three primary levels of Reality: Perfect, Perfected, Perfecting.
God the Father-Infinite I AM is the One Un-caused Cause of all infinite, Eternal Absolute, all-Perfect Realities including Paradise Force-Pattern and the One Godhead of Father and Son and Spirit on Paradise. They have always been: infinity and eternity can not be separated and are a part of the Existential Reality of God Who has no outside and no beyond: thus everything eternally perfect exists within Him.

The next level of Reality is the one billion immense invisible (dark energy-matter just being discovered by astronomers, and many higher forms of energies and forces) super-spheres which buffer the nuclear Isle of infinite Paradise and allow the next lower Perfecting level to exist.We will be spiritually trained on all of these Supreme-Ultimate time-transcended spheres later in our perfection-attainment path to eventual Paradise Destiny as a Divinely beloved Son of God.

Our space-time level is the evolving Supreme Universe of universes (galaxies) level which starts our in apparent chaos and continues to perfect. This is our Perfecting level which may take a trillion years to achieve the Perfected Status and swing into the Perfected (invisible to us) Ultimate Master Universe and related to the Perfected Spheres mentioned above. Our space-time perfecting universe is the Creation of our Eternal Creator Son of God Jesus Christ. God and Jesus have, together as One in Spirit, given us this tremendous Invitation-Command: &quot:I AM the Almighty God: walk before Me, and Be you perfect: even as I AM Perfect.&quot: Our universe is actually about 30 or more times older and larger than our present limited space telescopes and detectors have seen. In the next one-three decades, present physics and astronomy will be greatly changed ! The &quot:Big Bang&quot: and much of &quot:Relativity&quot: will be rejected for better theories. The nearly infinite complexity in all things and the harmony and majesty and beauty of all of this space-time Supreme Creation will continue to be more greatly appreciated as mankind continues to evolve in spiritual wisdom and intellect.

Those who teach that the &quot:Big Bang&quot: is true will have to prove that by experiment. Now if they could have a big explosion in a printing shop that instantly produced many perfect copies of 30 volume sets of encyclopedias with all letters, words and color images perfectly aligned and all pages numbered right, etc, then I might believe in a theory (not up to a law !) of &quot:Big Bang&quot:. Not until then !

When science discovers that there is the potential of infinite energy within the center of each of the smallest sub-atomic ultimate particles, not yet discovered, then God will be appreciated even more by a wider range of Theologians, philosophers and scientists. Huge discoveries are coming !

Every knee shall freely bow to the Sovereign Majesty of our Creator Jesus Christ ! A few humans now alive on earth have had one or more trial trips to these higher levels of Reality — too sacred to try to explain, but it gives one an eternal, ever-youthful en-Theos-iasm, peace and joy and more …

Peace and progress in Spirit and in Truth !

yes we did :))


from what? and why?

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