Can the ottawa senators win the stanley cup?

They have LeClaire as a starting goalie, and elliott as a back-up who has proven to be a good solid goalie. Not to mention they now have Kovalev along with Spezza, Heatley, and Alfredsson… mostly every single player has been to the cup finals. Do you think they’ll have a shot at the cup this season?

I was also seriously contemplating whether the Ottawa Senators could make a deep playoff run in the near future when Kovalev joined the team and both him and Alfredsson were willing to talk Heatley into staying. The Senators played brilliantly in the last couple months of the 2008-09 season under Clouston, and I hope their efforts continue into the next season.

They do have their first line of Heatley – Spezza – Alfredsson, but that line alone won’t help them much (recall the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals and after that). Kovalev on the second line (with Fisher) gives the Sens more depth on offense, and if all the young skaters (like Foligno) continue to develop and play well as a team, they can certainly win games.

Their defense is difficult to judge. They don’t have stars, but they do have young players like Lee and Picard who have a lot of potential. Kuba has proven to be an asset and the addition of Campoli I believe will help them succeed. Finally, goaltending has always been an issue, with Gerber and Auld becoming busts, but Elliott has performed and will perform well in the long run if Leclaire decides to bust as well (I’m hoping he doesn’t).

Ottawa’s last two seasons have been horrific, but I think now, they are turning around. I think they will end up in the playoffs but I’m not saying they will go far enough to reach the finals. They have a lot of good prospects, and will most likely be a final contender a few seasons from now.

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they wont win it

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no- they stink,

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