Bloomberg: Romney Would Be Better President Than Obama?

Bloomberg: Romney Would Be Better President Than Obama

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Hi Christian, Yes Bloomberg is endorsing Romney. It won’t be long now.

because of the fact Bloomberg isn’t particular what he’s. he’s on board with the 1st woman’s view on weight problems, sugary beverages and trans fat and is between the richest adult males in the U. S. and, who has important effect. He was once a Democrat, switched to the Republican occasion and would replace his ideas yet returned. With Bloomberg, one merely does not be attentive to which end is up. one factor is for particular, he isn’t any Rudy Guiliani.

As governor of Massachusetts and in the private sector, Romney had to make tough choices affecting people’s jobs, lives and futures, preparing him for the world’s highest executive office. Obama is a legislator and it shows. Too often he sublets decision making to Congress, with the bad results we saw in the pork-infused trillion-dollar stimulus, the massive mess of the health care law and the regulatory morass of the Dodd-Frank financial reforms.

Second, Romney specializes in turnarounds — and Washington is in desperate need of a dramatic turnaround. When he arrived at the Salt Lake City Olympics, the organization was in chaos, in debt and tarnished by scandal. He turned it around, unifying diverse coalitions with competing interests and turned the games into a financial and diplomatic success.

You cited Newsmax! Is that right wing propaganda site still on the web? Oh well, now he has the backing of another billionaire. This one, the one that wants to limit the size of sodas you can buy. Just for the record…he is as wrong about that as he is about the sodas!

I’m not reading Newsmax dude. I all ready have a copy of the National Equirer here.

Obama’s a Christian… Romney’s a Mormon!

So what is your question?
Btw Mr Bloomberg is right

He had a temporary moment of clarity.

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