Am I responsible for a cell phone bill that my son ran up?

I got my son a cell phone in my name with my social security number and credit. The bill went to his house in his name. He did not like the service so he cancelled it. The final bill was over 500 dollars and has now been sent to collections. The collections bill was sent to him in his name. Who is responsible for paying it, and whose credit will be affected?

you said the magic word &quot: under your name&quot: you have to pay

Yours will, the bill and such was in your name not your sons so the bill is yours. You did the favor for your son now your stuck with it. It’s really too bad. Has your son said he would pay you back for this or is he saying to bad so sad?

You should have gotten something in writting that your son was going to be responsible for the bill: which I’m sure you didn’t do. Pay the bill learn a lesson and move on.

You are responsible for it. The best thing to come from it is that – for $500 dollars you have learned that your son is irresponsible. Let him sign up and be responsible for his own things. He lives apart from you and is grown up? Let him stand on his own two feet.

Meanwhile, pay the bill and work out an agreement with your son to pay you back. Do not loan to him again unless he grows up and you have an agreement for repayment in writing and signed.

Even parent-child relationships can be ruined by money lending.

Sadly if its your name you are the responsible party. I’ve been through this with two family members in the past. You might be able to get the money out of him eventually since it is your son but until the bill is settled with collections they will come after you. Best of luck.

Sounds like you don’t have control and the troubles will keep on happening even after the cellphones gone. Tell ur kid to get a job and give the brat a bit of the real world. sounds like your kid is a spoiled brat that thinks only for himself. It will affect the quitter more then you and now his name is in the cell company’s records that share with all the carriers. His only recourse is trash phones at kmart. What a good start for his future you raised him to lay out for himself.

If the bill is in his name then I would say he is responsible, no? I mean I don’t pay other people’s bills with other people’s names on them, do you? It would definitely be a good idea to call the collection agency or dept. who holds the account to double check though.

WELL. the real question here is did you know that he was using your credit and social?? i dont think youre responsible for the charges put on the credit but, you knew that this was going on so if hes in collections with your name yes. your credit will be effected.

Uh, yeah…it sounds like your name is on the contract. You are ultimately responsible for the bill. You pay it and then collect from him. If he’s over 18, let him acquire his own cell phone.

If it’s under your name, social and credit then your credit score will be the one affected. He SHOULD be responsible for paying the bill. If he won’t you can take him to small claims court, but it will still be on your credit.

Your credit will be affected so the creditors are going to look at you as being responsible for it. In all honesty though, HE should be the one responsible to pay for it. But if you want to proctect your credit, and he refuses to pay it, you might as well bite the bullet &amp: just pay it: at least then its off your credit and you can work it out w/ him later (have him pay you back or what not)

Because you used your social, your credit will be affected. They will keep bugging him for it because the bill is in his name, but it will stay on your credit score. Morally he is responsible to pay it, but in their eyes its your responsibility because its under your name. It sucks but i would tell him to pay it as soon as he can regardless of if he liked it or not! Hope this helps!

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