Which Exotic sports car you want to drive before you die ? eg : Enzo Ferrari , Carrera GT , Bugatti Veyron ?


Lol all these guys are losers. I will be thrilled to touch a Bugatti Veyron the fastest, most expensive car in the world. I am not excited about the Carrera GT or the Enzo since those cars are more like &quot:test cars&quot: (Enzo for the FXX and Porsche for all the car in the line). I would love to drive a Koenigsegg CCX. BTW I drive an MR2.

Carrera GT

ferrari F40, 1969 Dodge charger (general lee from dukes of hazzard), 1978 pontiac trans am (smokey and the bandit), porsche 911 carrera 4S


Ford GT (not the Mustang, although I would like to try the new Shelby GT 500)

McLaren F1

porsche carrera gt, SLR McLaren, rolls royce phantom

well it is not exotic but my husband has a pontiac fierro, that i would LOVE to drive but at the moment it needs alot of repairs. it is super cute little red 2 seater.

I need to learn to drive a stick first.

BMW 507

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