whats different between protestants and catholics?

i feel like pople whos protestant in england dont like catholics whys that? for example bbc when they find somewhere gay pastor they are talking about it like mighty god this catholics are reallly bad. from history i know that england was catholic before and cos catholic church doesnt allowed to have more then one wife an english king changed law in england and then they left catholics and started hate them what we got today England full of step dads mums and or single parents. are protestants reallly better then catholics? i had mum and dad i would be very sad if i had to live with step dad or mum.

You cannot characterize Catholics or Protestants in sweeping generalizations.

I know both Protestants and Catholics that love God and live to please Jesus Christ, treating one another as they wish to be treated.
I could discuss doctrinal differences, and I have my convictions about what is true and what is not: but if I find someone who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and is trusting in the salvation that comes through Him: that person is my brother or sister, no matter what they call themselves.

&quot:A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.&quot:
John 13:34-35

How important is God’s truth to you? If all Christians follow the Bible, they are going by what God put in it right? Well, get a King James and a Catholic Bible and see if you can find mortal and venial sins, purgatory, pray to Mary and the saints, Mary’s ascension into heaven and confess your sins to a priest. Now if you can’t find these things in either Bible why is it Catholic doctrine? This is the difference for the name Protestant comes from protesting the lies of the Catholic church and it’s phony pope The Catholic church said it was a sin if you were not a priest to read the Bible back in those days of kings. Do you think that is right? I was baptized, educated and raised a Catholic but I love the truth and when I heard it I left the Catholic church. Wake up kid and listen to what people say about the Catho0lic church the truth will sock you.

Let’s see – Martin Luther (as a great Catholic priest…..) found 95 problems with Catholicism to start the Protestant Reformation. Since then, almost nothing has been changed and even more false doctrines and teachings have been added to the Catholic Church.
It’s even further away from where Luther pulled away from.

Want to know the proof of this? Go to any library and look up any book on &quot:false teachings&quot: within religions. Every single book WILL have a chapter on Roman Catholic.! This is because the Catholic Church is FILLED with false teachings, false doctrines and false theology that goes directly against the Bible.

(Why do you think the Catholic Church killed people that would own or read a Bible on their own? Because they didn’t want people to decide their own theology about God! Why did the Catholic Church maintain LATIN as the only language to be spoken in Mass when nobody but the clergy could even understand it? Why do they continue to do High Mass in Latin even to today? Why was Luther condemned as a heretic for rewriting the Bible in colloquial German? )

The differences are ASTOUNDING !

Brought up in Liverpool, marched with the L.O.L. (Loyal Orange Lodge), became a Christian, worked among the Catholics and the Protestants in the glens of Northern Ireland, faced a sniper, car bomb, threats from loyalists and republicans.

If you’re speaking of bigots, there is no difference, if you’re speaking of warmth and friendship, there is no difference, if you’re speaking of self righteousness, there is no difference.

Both are religious, but not right with God.
Both need to be born again.
Both need to trust in Jesus for salvation.

There is no difference, both are lost and heading to a Christless eternity.
There is no difference, Jesus hung on a cross for both.
It is Jesus they need to embrace, before they can embrace each other.

Catholics – 73 books in the Bible
Protestants – 66 books in the Bible

Catholics – 7 sacraments
Protestants – 2 sacraments

Catholics – the Eucharist is Jesus present in the bread and wine
Protestants – Communion is symbolic

Catholics – receive Eucharist daily
Protestants – receive communion weekly, monthly, or annually

Catholics – places of worship are clear signs of God’s presence in community
Protestants – places of worship cannot be distinguished from an office building

Catholics – pray to God and ask those in this life as well as Mary and saints in Heaven to join them in prayer
Protestants – pray to God in solitude

Protestant is a derogatory name given to those Christians who refuse to follow the lies of the Catholic Church. Therefore, the difference between a Christian and a Catholic is that the Christian follows the Word of God, while the Catholic follows man’s (pope’s) word.

Catholic are correct. Protestants are wrong

You need to study the life of Martin Luther and the protestant reformation.

Protestants pray directly to Jesus Christ: but the Catholics pray to Mary, through to Jesus Christ.
The Catholics put Mary first, before Christ.

Protestants are more modern and Catholics are old fashioned.

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