Urgent!! I think my sister has a psychological problem?? It’s long but PLEASE READ :( PLEASE?


So.. my little sister just turned 12 this year. And last year she start her period. So I understand she is bound to be hormonal and have frequent mood swings. And I understand that this is a very confusing and emotional few years in a girls life. But for the last 7 months or so, my little sister has been having what seem like panic attacks.

She cries hysterically, her breathing is very deep, but short and sporadic, and she is unable to calm herself down, even if she gets the crying to stop. But she works herself up to have them, so maybe it is more like an anxiety attack. She works herself to have whatever these attacks are when she cannot do things a certain way. She is too old to just be throwing a tantrum, or because she is being bratty.

She has always been very precise, and in the last 4 or 5 years it has gotten much worse. She has a rountine of how she does things when she wakes up, she gets up, gets a drink, go to the bathroom, puts lotion on her legs, then deoderant, then she goes back to her room, and gets dressed, i’m sure she does that in a certain order too, but obviously I don’t know that. Then she goes back to the bathroom, sprays herself with perfume, then puts shoes on, then gets breakfast, then she fixes her hair, or has my mom do it for her. If it is past a certain time she will not eat a breakfast food, and will get more of a lunch type things. Then she fixes her hair, or has my mom do it for her. And she has a routine before bed as well. Which is similar to her morning routine. She puts pajamas on, sets her clothes out for the next day, puts deoderant and perfume on, brushes her hair, eats a snack, says goodnight to all my family, brushes her teeth, and watches tv for a little, as she falls asleep. She always plans a time that she wants to wake up, and tells me or my mom to wake her up, and she FREAKS out if we forget, or we told her to get up multiple.times, but she just kept sleeping. And she makes a schedule for her day, and plans it all out, and again FREAKS out if something gets in the way of her plans, or if she has to do something an hour later than she planned.

And when she freaks out, she works herself into these panic or anxiety attacks, and it gets really frustrating for my mom and I because we can’t calm her down for a long time, and it feels like she’s in her terrible two’s again, where she throws tantrums when she can’t get her way. But I know it’s not like that.

The past 4 and 5 years have been hard, we’ve had a big family disaster, and on top of that my parents seperated about a year ago.

So I don’t know, does she have an over compulsive disorder, is it a post traumatic stress disorder, is it depression? Is this just her way of dealing with everything??

I am very worried for her, sometimes she is really happy, but other times she is so focused on her schedules, and routines. Oh, and everything has to be organized a specific way, even at my grandmas we were frosting cupcakes, and she had to organize them a specific way on the plate, but they didn’t fit the way she wanted the pattern so she was mad, but we let her do the candles in a pattern so she didn’t freak out at my grandmas.

My mom doesn’t listen to me when I say she has something psychological going on and mabye seeing a therapist, or doctor could help. My mom just sees it as her acting out, being defiant, and trying to push my mom too see how far she can bend the rules, because my dad was always the one to discipline us. And I know when my sister acts this way my mom takes it personal, and sometimes after my sister calms down I have seen my mom go in her room and cry for a minute. Which makes me sad 🙁

Please help! My sister is a very sweet girl, please help me understand this!? Also PLEASE NO RUDE COMMENTS!!

This sounds exactly like OCD. I can get a certain amount of OCD when I’m already stressed out and it’s not fun. It really can bring on some intense anxiety. I would do some further research, compile it all, and make your mom sit down and read it. Counseling and medications together are the best way to treat a mental disorder. I see a psychiatrist once a month to manage medications and then a counselor once a week to talk things out and do behavioral/cognitive therapy. It doesn’t make you weird to see a therapist. It doesn’t mean you’re crazy. If money is tight churches will often have free counseling. Admittedly some churches may try to push their beliefs on you, but not all church counselors are that way. If your school is big enough to have counselors that might be a good option too. What’s most important right now is convincing your mom that their is a problem and that it’s not her fault that her daughter is having problems. There’s a large genetic brain chemistry component to quite a few cases of OCD. Some cases are caused by past experiences or an environment that leads to obsessive behaviors, but it doesn’t sound like that’s exactly true in your case. It sounds like this is a physiological problem that some medication and a little counseling could help tremendously.

Different Types of OCD:

-Washers are afraid of contamination. They usually have cleaning or hand-washing compulsions.
-Checkers repeatedly check things (oven turned off, door locked, etc.) that they associate with harm or danger.
-Doubters and sinners are afraid that if everything isn’t perfect or done just right something terrible will happen or they will be punished.
-Counters and arrangers are obsessed with order and symmetry. They may have superstitions about certain numbers, colors, or arrangements.
-Hoarders fear that something bad will happen if they throw anything away. They compulsively hoard things that they don’t need or use.

Some Symptoms of OCD:

-Fear of contamination
-Fear of causing harm to another
-Fear of making a mistake
-Fear of behaving in a socially unacceptable manner
-Need for symmetry or exactness
-Excessive doubt
-Religious and sexual concerns

Some Different Obsession Categories:

-Aggressive Obsessions
-Contamination Obsessions
-Sexual Obsessions
-Need for Symmetry or Exactness
-Somatic Obsessions (hypochondria or body appearance)

Here’s a link to a self test if you can get your sister to take it: http://www.brainphysics.com/screener.php

I do not consider that things like demon possession and black magic are more logical explanations. It can be that demon possession and black magic are not any fault explanations. I hate to be harsh, but I see this all too quite often. There are only a lot of people who have no desire to take responsibility for their possess problems and take the steps vital to repair them or as a minimum work closer to serving to themselves attain a greater function in lifestyles. A lot of individuals are additionally very gullible. If which you could blame your issues on whatever mystical/magical then it’s not your fault – your refusal to get a job and overspending is not the purpose of your impending chapter, it’s the nasty historical girl next door. Your darling son’s erratic and eruptive conduct is not the result of intellectual ailment and drug addiction, no it is demon possession. Knowledgeable clergy or some cautiously placed symbols and candles and phrases spoken will healing the whole thing. Any person else will repair this and pat you on the back whilst announcing &quot:it’s no longer your fault&quot:. Individually, I believe i might be much more comfortable pondering I was struggling for a mental situation than a demon. However I relatively believe it is extra a topic of people being extra secure with now not having to take responsibility.

If it is something physiological you should really convince your mom to take her to a therapist or physiologist or anyone who can help her. Im not a Dr. but it sounds like she may have an anxiety disorder, i have one to and when i saw a Dr. it got better and i kinda got over it..sorta, but everyone different so you never know maybe your sister will get better in time…maybe worse. It kinda sounds like she has a little minor OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).. remember im not a Dr. so im not sure i know my dad has minor OCD, he need everything to be neat,clean and kept in order. Just try to find her someone she can talk to who can help her if it’s really that bad, but only if she feels comfortable talking about it of course. I hope things turn out, and best wishes 🙂

You kinda answered your own questions. I think it’s a combination of OCD and depression. OCD because of the strictness of her life and everything she does. Like people that have to have everything &quot:scheduled&quot: tend to bury themselves from their feelings or a situation. It’s a way to not think. I’ve done it a bit, and usually it’s when I don’t know how to deal with something. I do lots of music so eventually I express all my feelings. Guide her into some kind of hobby or a supportive group of friends. She seems to be bothered by your parents separation too. Talk to her about it. Explain it. Don’t let her become a cutter or suicidal,

I think its over compulsive disorder but also like you said she could just be pushing the bounds and trying to get her way but it sounds like its a lot of phycological problems she should see a doctor. I hope everything works out fine and she just grows out of it.

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