psychiatrist vs psychologist?

Ok, i see my psychchiatrist every couple of months. I havent been there in a while and I dont want to go back to him. I think he is more concerned with my money and I only spend about a good 3 minutes in his office EVERY TIME. He asks me how I am, all while writing a new refill script for me.

Is this normal? Is he supposed to councel?

So today I made an appointment with a psychologist. I figured that even tho he cant write out scripts (which I dont take regularly anyway) he will do a little bit of counseling right? I dont know what to expect…

Can you help me understand this?

Many people prefer to go to a Psychologist for counselling. The training of a Psychologist involves obtaining a Masters Degree or Doctors Degree in Psychology specializing in counselling and very little knowledge about Psychotropic medications or any other medications for that matter. They can’t prescribe medications. A Psychiatrist is a Medical Doctor who has taken an Internship (1 year) followed by a Residency in Psychiatry (1 or 2 years) and then may specialize in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry or Forensic Psychiatry. They have a full Medical Training and are very familiar with Psychiatric medications and can order them and adjust them as necessary. Psychiatrists often care for the sicker patients such as those with Schizophrenia, Manic Depressive Illness, etc. who have major problems with Psychotic Behavior and Reality Testing. People with such problems as anxiety, mild to moderate depression, etc, often do well with ‘talk therapy&quot: or counselling and find a Psychologist with whom they feel comfortable in sharing feelings and talking about concerns and conflict resolution. Follow your heart and find a Psychologist with whom you can bond. The Psychologist can act as a liaison for you with a Psychiatrist if you both decide that a trial of medication would be helpful for you in addition to the counselling. Perhaps your psychiatrist thought you were getting counselling somewhere else. I am a Psychiatric Nurse Educator who taught Psychiatric Nursing in an RN Program for years. I specialized in Adolescent and Child Psychiatry and worked in that area in many different settings as well as had lots of clinical experience in Adult Settings too. You seem to be on the right track! Good Luck to you. Oh yes, I know Psychiatric medications inside and out all due to my clinical experiences and great desire for learning but I definitely have a warm spot for couselling.

Psychologists were more interested in getting me to undergo cognitive behaviour therapy. Psychiatrists however, were more keen on prescribing me Prozac.


Job of
psychiatrist- prescribes meds- doesn’t counsel
psychologist- listens to your problems cant prescribe meds

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