POLL: Are you popular here in Polls & Surveys!?

Popular who knows?! But i am known!


Probably not but I try.

I realised that my hobbies weren’t inevitably comparable to persons’s and that it did no longer count. i ended worrying what persons theory approximately me. And oddly, being my very own guy or woman (rather of attempting to slot in) made human beings admire me greater. additionally I discovered to concentration on my good factors rather of on the failings persons looked as though it would criticise me for. i do no longer recognize that i became ever universal interior the experience that many human beings propose. I wasn’t attracted to vogue, as an occasion. yet I had numerous acquaintances and we frolicked in a huge team and no person became the main universal guy or woman. We have been very supportive of one yet another by using each and every of the teenage angst, and that became large. actual acquaintances are plenty greater significant than superficial popularity.

Just the opposite.

nobody is popular..it’s a flowing river

Better be since I graduated to no-life status…

i think i’m known by some, not really popular.
lets find out.
tu if you know me
td if you dont

Nope. I’m in Loserville. :,)

im rare

I don’t think I am but I could be wrong

I Don’t think so:(

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