john mccain called social security a disgrace??


That’s about right. I agree with someone who said they’d opt out. Social security is the poorest return on investment possible and as Americans we shouldn’t have to take part if we don’t want. Those who think it works are the ones that are clueless here and should run to their financial planner immediately if they hope to have a decent retirement.

Sen.McCain’s statement makes no sense. Social Security was created to work on a &quot:pay as you go&quot: basis. McCain’s statement suggests he just discovered how it works. If he truly believes the current system is a &quot:disgrace&quot:, I will be interested to hear how he intends to restructure the whole of the Social Security program without a loss to current and future recipients.

Good for him! I’ve thought it was a disgrace since before Bill Clinton wanted to privatize it in the 90s.(I supported him on that) If I had the choice I’d opt out of it. I could put it in a simple interest bearing account or in my IRA, or in a mattress under the floor

You get nothing back for years of hard work and if you die, it goes to the government.

BTW, did you know congress doesn’t use social security?

I now feel better about voting for him.

John McCain doesn’t get it. It is very sad. People working have always paid for Social Security. I really don’t get what he is talking about. He is really starting to sound out of touch. Social Security is what it is. Who will pay for it if the people working don’t pay for it?

You are taking his words out of context which is a disgrace in and of itself.
McCain did not call Social Security a disgrace. He said it is a disgrace that it has been allowed to be mishandled and is thus going broke.

Social Security is a disgrace. I sincerely hope that you do not plan on it being your sole means of income when you retire. You’ll be sorely disappointed, believe me.

McCain wants to privatize Social Security, so some CEO can walk away with peoples retirement funds. (remember Enron).

You can’t call it a success story. It’s drained before it’s refilled every month. Too bad Bush couldn’t slap sense into congress and get some sort of personal Social Security thing happening and eventually just do away with it.

and i call John McShame a disgrace.

mcsame is a disgrace, and does not care about it because his wife is all the security he needs.

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