Been vegetarian for about a little more than a week…ate meat yesterday…now I feel sick…help?

I’ve started being a vegetarian about a little more than a week ago and have only been eating seafood. But yesterday my best friend made a giant piece of ham for christmas and talked me into eating a large piece. So I woke up today and immediately felt really nauseous with a weird queasy stomache. Is not eating meat for a week then eating a large piece of ham causing my stomache ache or is it probably something else?

Thanks a lot. There’s seriously nothing worse than feeling nauseous.

You’re not vegetarian if you eat seafood and ham.

What exactly did you do to become &quot:vegetarian&quot: a week ago? Sorry, but it doesn’t make any sense to me.

Probably it is a mental thing. And thatВґs the best thing that could have happened. It means that youВґre really thinking that eating animals (or that kind of animals) is not &quot:right&quot: for you.

As someone wrote before, you cannot be a vegetarian &quot:only&quot: eating animals that live in an aquatic environment. ItВґs like saying that someoneВґs a vegetarian that &quot:only&quot: eats cows or birds.
A vegetarian excludes from itВґs diet EVERY animal.
Anyway, I was once an omnivore. Then excluded terrestrial animals. Then aquatic animals. Then every animal secretion (eggs, dairy, bee honey, etc.) so i canВґt forget that and start criticize others.
ItВґs an individual journey, that hopefully, will lead you to veganism. But just let be your conscience your only guide.

There is no love without respect, nor respect without liberty.

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Well, Hun, you haven’t been vegetarian for a week at all, so it’s probably not the giant piece of ham you ate making you feel ill unless it was &quot:bad&quot:. As I’m sure you’ll be told here, seafood is meat. Also, I’m sure every meat eater has gone a week without meat at some point in their lives.

It’s a metal reaction. So many people boast about &quot:going vegetarian&quot: and then eating a hamburger and being sick.

Most likely, if you were eating like a healthy vegetarian and eating fresh fruits, veggies, beans and little fats…and then you eat something greasy, whether it’s fries or a slab of ham, you WILL feel sick.

Hubby and I rarely eat meat in the summer. Sometimes we go weeks with out it. Then we eat it again at a barbecue or grill some vension and we are FINE.

Your body is reacting to the poisons in the ham after going a week without. The same thing happened to me some 20yrs ago when I started out. Yeas, we will get sick to the stomach if we eat meat. Good luck staying on your new meatless track in the future and hope you feel better soon.

Well, if you’ve been veg. for more then a week…your body
is becoming more used to the new diet. You pretty much confused it when you dropped that ham into your system. You see it’s like if you go on a no carb diet. If you were to eliminate carbs from your body for over a week, then you dropped in let’s say…a piece of cheesecake, you would feel insanely sick. So you really want to stick to whatever diet you choose. Because it will really affect you based on what you eat.

It’s probably just that it was badly prepared or something. It’s not very likely that your body adapted to not eating meat in the course of just a week: I know omnivores that go a week or so without eating meat on accident, and then go and eat it again without any problems.

Now if it’d been another month or two, that might have done it…

pork is one of the most unhealthy meats you can eat because of all the toxins in it. Pigs go through and eat everything in site – even what comes out of them and they cannot release the toxins in their body, because they are unable to sweat. Even if you weren’t vegitarian and you waited a whole month then ate a big piece of pork, ham or whatever, you would feel very sick.

You could have ate a piece of fish or chicken and not have felt as sick as you did.

It’s possible that it might be the meat, but if you’re worried about it, definitely call your doctor!

FYI – You’re not technically vegetarian if you still eat seafood. People who abstain from meat and poultry, but still eat seafood are call &quot:pescatarians.&quot: Here’s some info on that –&gt:…

Could be anything you ate or guilt.

iAm is right. You’ve been eating seafood so you haven’t been a vegetarian at all even.

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