20 years from now, what will Trump be remembered for?

Winning historic election. And then with the deep state the Hollywood elitists corrupt politicians the progressive communisitic media violent facists and our ex-leftist communist president all against him. He changes the the death spiral of America. To great America for true Americans.It’ll make a great book. And they’ll teach it in college and high school history and civics classes.

Destroying this great nation by causing a race war, a civil war and another world war. He will be remembered for his stupid politics that makes no since what so ever. He will be remembered for using the presidency to do any and all of wicked and evil deeds to anybody who crosses his pass and disagrees with him. Yes all dat’.

Making America Great Again.


being a sociopathic moron

He will be remembered for:

1. His orange skin.
2. His bluster and lies.
3. The dissention he caused in our country.
4. Not getting the things done that he promised.
5. Being a racist.
6. Being investigated for Russian collusion.
7. Using the country to benefit his businesses.
8. Not being willing to release his taxes.
9. Extending the war in Afghanistan when he repeatedly promised he wouldn’t.
10. Sending Play-Doh to victims of a natural disaster.
11. Having unqualified family members in his cabinet.
12. Having a very pretty, but clueless wife.
13. The golfing and the government paying for it AND paying HIS gold clubs to do it.
14, The cotton candy hair comb over.
15. Twitter….oh, my GOD, the Twitter.

15. To be fair he is ever so slightly responsible for an economic turn around.

Making America GREAT AGAIN! Go TRUMP!

Ripping off taxpayers for billions of dollars

The way he was treated by Liberals.

Only president impeached and thrown out of office!

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