Why do Christians think they know Jewish Messiah prophecy better than the Jews themselves?

According to the Bible, the Messiah is meant to:

Lead Jewish armies to victory in battle
End all war forever
Make the whole world speak one language
Make the whole world accept Torah
Not contradict the teachings of Moses

Jesus didn’t do any of these. Why, then, do Christians still claim that he was the Jewish Messiah?

The Tanakh (‘old’ testament) gives us details of how to identify the real messiah.

He or she will usher in world peace, rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, and several other things. And all of this must be accomplished within one normal, human lifetime. There are no second chances or second comings!

The Tanakh also states that the real messiah will not perform any miracles or magic.

Clearly, then, the Jews had every reason to know that Jesus was just one more false messiah.

But Christianity teaches that Jesus is predicted in the Tanach – it is simply not true, though. Jesus is never specifically mentioned. Christians insist that the references to the messiah ARE referring to Jesus: they rely on wrongly translated Hebrew, though.

One fairly well known example: Christians translate the Hebrew as stating that the messiah will be born to a ‘virgin’.

But the Hebrew word for ‘virgin’ is ‘betulah’ and this is NOT the word used! Instead, we find the word ‘almah’ which actually means ‘young woman’.

Jesus lived and died as a practising Jew. It was those that came along decades after his death that developed Christianity: Paul, especially. Yet Paul never even met Jesus!

The only people who today follow the same religion that Jesus adhered to, are the Jews.


– ‘messianic jews’ are NOT JEWISH. They are Christian, as proven by their belief in Jesus as messiah. Nobody can be both Jewish and Christian: just as nobody could be both Muslim and Catholic.

Only Jewish religious law defines who is Jewish. If a person embraces Jesus as messiah, and the idea that Jesus was part divine, then they are from that time on an apostate.

‘messianic jews’ exist to lure secular Jews away from Judaism: they are deceitful in the extreme.

edit THANKS DEEZEE, that’s so sweet 🙂 – and you make excellent point about the messiah being from the house of David. I learned more from reading your answer, thank you!

Jesus didn’t do any of these – yet. Those happen when He returns again.

to answer your question, though, the Jews didn’t notice the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled and so:

Mark 12:10 And have ye not read this scripture: The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner:

Don’t forget, the first twelve were all Jews. There were at least one of the Pharisees that followed Jesus (FYI Nicodemus).

There is an entire movement of Messianic Jews thriving today.

Considering your self claimed knowledge of Torah in reference to the Messiah. You have a very narrow view.

You can make it fit. All you have to do is correctly understand what the Bible means by Jewish, armies, victory, battle, war, whole world, language, accept, Torah, contradict, and teachings.


He did not contradict the law, and of these prophecies refer to a time yet to come. Jesus said He would return. This explains that. He is returning. Not all prophecies have been fulfilled yet by Him, but they WILL be.

Rebuild the temple,
have lineage from King Solomon and David (not gawd)

Many religous fanactics and fundamentalists believe they know everything about God therefore it is hard to reason with them because there is no room for debate (i.e. taliban, christian fundamentalists)

QUestion…at his first coming? Or When he comes to stop all this once and for all? Cause if he was to do it at his first coming, then …We wouldn’t have these issues. I respect Jews, and I love to learn what they think, but that’s just my thoughts on the issue.

To answer your first question. The first Christians were you guessed it, JEWS. Paul was actually a Pharisee.

Agnostics are the experts.

They’re just looking for attention.

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