Why are people so ignorant about the keystone pipeline?? It could kill us all..?

I am actually not worried about the pollution as much as the potential earth quakes and new seismic activity where it should not be.

Let me tell you why, Yellowstone Caldera, the largest supervolcano on the North American continent. It is in yellowstone national park, awfully close to where the keystone pipeline could cause volcanic activity.

Because it takes MANY Deaths- to Open People’s Eyes about a Dangerous Situation… Just like Millions of Lives must be Ruined- before People start Seriously thinking about doing Something about Global Warming… 🙁

The pipeline will not cause Yellowstone to explode.

It is however stupid beyond reason to pump oil shale from Canada to Texas when we have
plenty of coastline on the Great Lakes.
So we have the means to transport it.

Texas hasn’t built a new refinery in 20 years.

Since they have to be built anyway, why can’t we build them in Michigan,Ohio,Illinois ?

1. You are talking about a volcano that hasn’t erupted in 70,000 years.
2. The pipeline is NOT being proposed to be built on the volcano’s tectonic structures that cause it to have 1000 minor earthquakes a year. MUCH research has been put into the pipeline. Do you think the designers are that stupid?
3. I truly believe the ignorance is on your part.

@Joe in Texas…..LOLOLOL!!!

I think a ruptured pipeline will be the least of your worries if a super volcano goes off. A pipeline won’t trigger an earthquake.

Your an idiot to believe that a pipeline could really cause seismic activity.

Watch the discovery channel sometime. They have oil pipelines on their all the time, from which I have learned that there are hundreds of shut off valves along the length of major pipelines which prevent large spills in the event of damage to any of the sections, even if that section is destroyed by a volcano.

I’m sure the Mayans agreed with your predictions, that’s why the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012 way before a single drilling hole takes place.

Now go do your homework lil man!

BTW…i would be more scared of YOU flushing your toilet &amp: the &quot:seismic activity&quot: caused.

It,s also dangerously close to an extra terrestrial vortex in the seventh dimension that could interrupt the space time continuum.

if that super volcano went off then a pipeline would be the least of our concerns

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