Who is the worst parent of a celebrity?

I just read gossip about how Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina worked her real hard and let her drink when she was young, and her father Michael threw her on top of a car. Britney says bad stuff about her Mom, Gary Coleman says his parents stole money from him, Angelina Jolie’s father told everyone she’s a bad person, it just goes on and on . . who do you think is the worst parent of a celebrity?

Michael Jackson’s Dad Joe

Well, Angelina Jolie IS a bad person, but getting back to your question– I think Lindsay Lohan’s mom tops the list of worst celebrity parents right now. Although it sounds like Britney Spears’ mom isn’t too far behind her..

EDIT: Oooh, Eric M– you’ve got a point there, with Paris Hilton’s parents. The whole Hilton bunch seem rotten to me.

Angelina Jolie’s father told people she needed mental help…..britney spears herself is the worst parent the list of things she does goes on and on…..who’d ever thought that k-fed would be a more responsible parent??

Lindsay Lohan’s parents are the worst!!!

You forgot to mention how Jessica SImpson’s dad talks about her boobs all the time.

1: Hiltons… Paris parents
2: Lynn Spears…. Britneys mom
3: Joe Simpson…. Jessica’s Dad
4: Dina Lohan… Lindsays mom
and last but least of all
5: Lionel Ritchie…Nicole Ritchie..

Woody Allen

lindsay lohans parents i would say
its their behaviors that led lindsay to this day
but if her parents were being good role models i bet lindsay would be a great nice person today

You over looked Drew Barrymore’s mother, back in the day Drew was seen out clubing (with her mum) at age 8.

Leann Rimes dad

Joan Crawford (beatings with hangers), then Lohan’s mom for encouraging her daughter to become a trampy alcoholic nutjob.

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