Which Australian city has more hot girls: Melbourne or Brisbane?

I have to make a choice between these two cities so please can you tell me which city has more good looking girls. better nightclubs,better nightlife. Thanks

Brisbane has beach girls. Melbourne has wog girls/nightlife girls/ cultured girls.

Perth has the prettiest and nicest girls. It’s a fact. Everyone says it when they get here.


Melbourne for night clubs,night life,girls,restaurants,culture.

**I’d say Melbourne would be the better city out of the two to live in.**


i live here!

but my bf was from Brisbane so he’d disagree with me lol (about better nightlife i mean)

Probably Melbourne. But Sydney still kicks both their arses!

Brisbane has better night life by far.

I’m just hoping Australian girls are hotter in general and have better attitudes and outlooks than the American girls here….

melbourne better night life…

haha, doesn’t take much of a Genius to work out where ever you go in Australia the woman’Hot’

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