What is your favorite thing (or things) about each zodiac sign?

you can say least favorite too, but seperate them, thanks 🙂 and state your sun/moon/rising

here they are


Aries- truthful but kind, awesome and understanding 🙂
Sagittarius- out of this world, truthful, fun, unique, adventurous but stubborn sometimes
Leo- kind, energetic, fun, although hate the switching sides easily thing
Virgo- smart, smart, smart.
Capricorn- funny, cool, but can be harsh and violent though…
Taurus- listeners, nice, down-to-earth.
Libra- are ur friends even if ur the biggest loser, fun, funny, although forgetful &amp: mean a bit
Gemini- 😀 fun, awesome, inspiring, unique, awesome, and just wow! 😀 but anger takes control sometimes, are a bit dramatic, and don’t care to listen sometimes.
Aquarius- they see the right after a while when the wrong has been pointed out, are kind, good thinkers
Scorpio- aren’t selfish, very smart, yet cruel
Pisces- good spirited, optimistic, unique, fun, yet lack common sense and hides a talent.
Cancer- understandable, loving, fun 😀

Aries: Admirable, funny people, cuts tension – makes everything easy going Taurus: Laid back, chill, charming Gemini: Cute sense of humour, life of the party Cancer: Empathetic, emotionally sensitive, make really good friends 🙂 Leo: Has good ideas, fun to hang round with, creative Virgo: Logical, brings you back to earth, doesn’t sugar coat it Libra: Gives you nice compliments, makes you feel good about yourself, just plain old lovely Scorpio: Not fake or plastic, real people, accept you for you. Sagittarius: Like you said, bubbly and jovial, all round good fun Capricorn: Sweet, polite and VERY funny. Aquarius: Weird in a good way, will always see the good in you. Pisces: Artsy and magnetically interesting. One of those people you can’t look away from even if they are not attractive.

Aries: always thinks ahead
Sagittarius: Honest and straight forward
Leo: Their Determination
Virgo: Their intelligence
Capricorn: Easy-going
Taurus: Their realistic approach
Libra: Their Intellectuality
Gemini: Their energy of optimism
Aquarius: Their way of thinking out of the box
Scorpio: Their powerful personalities
Pisces: Their compassion
Cancer: their creativity

Taurus sun, moon Pisces, Mars Aries, Venus Gemini, Rising Libra…

Aries(Sister) Very competitive and aggressive..annoying! makes me mad coz im competitive too..us two don’t get along too well only sometimes but i have an aries boyfriend and we get along great!

Sagittarius(friend) she’s nice, sweet and helpful. caring is her second name.funny is her first! Really funny and makes us all laugh!

Leo(dad too) Funny and cheerful. A bit stubborn and but firm..A little annoying at times lol

Virgo(friend) She’s erm.. just nice, just an ok friend we don’t meet up that much only on special occasions, she’s my college mate. She’s quiet but in a good way and rather intelligent, always noticed thing(usually faults) ESPECIALLY WITH MY BOYFRIEND! lol hmm…..

Capricorn(Brother) Really high strung, worries a LOT, is really self conscience!!!! Can’t &quot:chill&quot: too often, stays in his room quiet a lot on his computer, hese there now lol
But i like the way he is so ambitious about his work and college..i can tell he will go places.

Taurus(a girl i know in college) She alwas has fantastic looking hair lol never out of place..thats it.lol

Gemini(other sister) rather intelligent, always helps me out in situations with good ideas, but seriously she can be a really had grasshopper!,,,tell tale..whatever u like to call it

Aquarius(friends boyfriend) He’se cool, funny and just a nice guy..the best thing about him is that he is interesting lol

Scorpio(Best friend) caring, daring, funny i liked her humour..very funny and friendly

Pisces(Best friends brother) Never seen him since he was 17, he lives alone in canada..WEIRD. He’s now 25
But when i did know him he was so sweet and lovely. I really liked him and any never ever said anything bad to anyone!

Cancer(me and my mate) LOVING, caring and considerate 🙂

Well im really new to star signs so i don’t know many other then libra(Boyfriend) And i know that my mum is a Sagittarius(4th dec) and my dad is a leo(july 27th)
I like my boyfriends niceness lol he can be really charming and can always put a smile to my face.
My mum is just the most optimistic person in my life and always gives me hope when i need it.
My Father is very ambitious and has always tried to give me the best in life, i appreciate that and i love hime to bits x 🙂

Aries is headstrong and Taurus is honest
Gemini is friendly and Cancer is loving
Leo is gorgeous and Virgo is neat
Libra is helpful and Scorpio is strong
Saggi is flighty and Cappy is forceful
Aqua is funny and Pisces is dreamy
And I am a Scorp with moon Gem, Sag AC
And these are a few of my favourite things…

… Yeah, I’m bored. Genuinely bored.


I’d have to say that my favorite thing about Aries is their sense of humor and ability to be innocent yet tough as nails. Arians are ultra-cool in that way.

My favorit thing about Taurus is their frank yet- humorous way of being bluntly tactful.

My favorite thing about Gemini is definately the interesting conversation- and the intellect.

My favorite thing about Cancer is their wry and intelligent wit and dark sense of humor.

My favorite thing about Leo is watching them attract all the attention when they’re putting on a &quot:show&quot:- it’s pretty entertaining sometimes.

My favorite thing about Virgo is their total goofiness- they can be a riot when the situation calls for it.

My favorite thing about Libra is their frankness, cool sense of intellect and their sharp minds.

My favorite thing about Scorpio is definately the interesting conversation and their warm-hearted natures.

My favorite thing about Sagittarius is the way they have fun. I think Sag has more fun than any other zodiac sign.

My favorite thing about Capricorn is their iron-will and their loyalty and sensitivity directed towards those who are important to them.

My favorite thing about Aquarius is their intellect and empathy- and their willingness to self-sacrifice for anyone who is important to them.

My favorite thing about Pisces is their laid-back nature and mellow alttitude. I also adore their sense of talent (for they ARE very talented), and their spiritual wisdom.

Aries – Adventurous
Sagittarius – haven’t socialized with enough to form opinion
Leo – Generous
Virgo – Articulate
Capricorn – They have goals that they work hardcore at without giving up
Taurus – haven’t socialized with enough to form opinion
Libra – Get along with most anyone
Gemini – witty
Aquarius – Funny
Scorpio – calm?
Pisces – Empathetic
Cancer – Nothing

aries:mental strength
sagittarius: always smiling
leo: cuddly
virgo: hardworking
capricorn:strong willed
libra:pretty smiles
aquarius:every ones Friend
cancer:loves family

aries- gets angry easy but very outgoing and flirty
Sagittarius go lucky, goofy,giggles,
leo – generous
virgo – criticizes
capricorn – always got to touch and talks about nothing
taurus – very into family
libra – nice and social but can be cruel
gemini – crazy,witty,awesome(im a gemini)
Aquarius – picky, social, detached but also attached
scorpio – fn 2 talk to but gets frustrated easy
pisces – loves to pick
cancer – very nice

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