To the christian war-supporters?

To those of you who have supported the war on terror since it started, can you tell me how your religion allows such support? I always heard thou shalt not kill was a very important commandment. What exactly makes it ok as long as your government says so?

By the way, I am not trying to stir up trouble, I legitimately want to know. I have several christian family members who firmly support the war and they can never seem to answer this for me other than rattling off a bunch of love my country stuff. If that’s the case, do you love your god or your country more?

(Oh, and I already see this one coming: notice that nowhere did I say that ALL christians support the war.)

The Bible actually reads &quot:Thou shall not kill in cold blood.&quot:
You can kill in retribution, in self defense, in a battle, and many other circumstances.
I’m not a Christian, but I do think that a lot of Christians don’t truly understand what their scriptures teach.
But, that’s how they can support any war and still not violate the ten commandments.

p.s: I love my country and my Constitution, and I wear a uniform and get shot at in horrible countries for it.

War is awful, and never wanted.
But sometimes necessary – against slavery, against Nazism, against zealots who kill innocent people… because they are not going to become nice guys and go away because we want them to.

Thou shalt not kill… applies to innocent victims…
but what about the innocent killed in war? Their blood is on the hands of the aggressor who caused war against them.

what’s funny is most of the people who are all for war call themselves ‘pro life’. i guess they don’t believe the right to life applies to iraqi children. infact most of them think the blackwater guards didn’t do anything wrong. funny too how when called out on their hypocricy they suddenly change ‘thou shalt not kill’ to ‘thou shalt not murder’. they figure a little rewording covers their asses

&quot:Thou shalt not kill&quot: is really more correctly translated as &quot:thou shalt not murder.&quot: Killing terrorists who want to murder us and impose Sharia law is not murder.

Not a problem.

I supported the war by putting a uniform on and actually supporting the war effort.

My religious beliefs allow me to come to the defense of people who are being slaughtered like sheep.

Any questions?

(Evidence witnessed by people who were actually in the countries include sarin gas found in barrels–about 5000 pounds, terror training camps all over Iraq, many with the same design as those in Afghanistan–we know because some of us were in both places, and people who were so terrorized by their own government that they came out to greet us in a state of starvation in Sadr City.)

My answer is good enough. Take it as it is.


I think you’re confused about what Jesus meant by &quot:turn the other cheek&quot:.

&quot:When YOU are slapped on one cheek, turn the other, as well.&quot: That’s what he said. Matthew 6.

What about when you see helpless men, women and children butchered by the hundred thousands? Whose cheek is getting turned then?

For you to apply Jesus’ advice here means that you look on and do nothing, and that makes you sub-human.

I think God is not against self defense and self preservation. Killing in self defense is legal and Godly.

Everything else is twisted and misinterpreted, why wouldn’t that be.

Love and blessings Don

JESUS never fought in a war. JESUS never voted. :- )

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