okay so my friend Stephanie is friends with Justin Bieber?

she knows him from her cousins friends youth club or something like that. if you dont believe me just pretend hes a normal guy but let me get to the point. the point is she thinks hes really really hot and like wants to marry him. i met him last weekend because she had a party at hers and he was there. he is a really nice guy, and we talked for ages but thats not even the point, the point is she is all up in his face and its so obvious she wants him to ask her out (which he isnt going to do because she like jumped up and scared him and he was like going along with it but when she left he was like shes mad. that could mean good mad or bad mad but he didnt sound like it was a good thing… anyways should I just tell her that she needs to chill about it and justin looks a bit scared when shes around him? i dont even think she notices but its hilarious! i just dont want her to get impatient even when he doesnt like her in that way! he invited me and her to go hang out with his friends but she was like joking and said does she really have to come? you guys dont even know eachother! and justin was like yea so im going but to be honest i really dont want to go because if anyone sees us and my friend all up in justins freakin face ill be so embarrassed….. oh yea just for a fact hes single haha. she also cracks really awkward jokes to him like she said on sunday i so should have been the girl you like in the one time video and gave him a big gay smile and he was like ehhhhhh…. then she started singing it and saying they should do a duet and i was like what the hell xD i burst out laughing:D and she gave me a really dirty look . just help me out i dont want to be her friend anymore because she didnt want me to go.. 🙁 steph was like my best friend and ever since she met him our friendship has just gone completely downhill. if it helps steph and i are 14.

this sounds so fake.

1. He is pretty cute 2. I absolutely love that song! 3. I think that you should give her a 2nd chance. Maybe she didn’t mean it the way you took it. And also, I would talk to her about being in his face so much. Don’t be mean about it, just say that she should calm down a bit because he actually said he thought she was a little crazy…well…maybe in a nicer way. XD But I hope everything turns out alright. :DD

What’s the Q?

This question..again?

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