my boyfriends parents found out we had sex. i need mature answers.?

Okay, well I’m 16 and my boyfriend is 15 and we haven’t been dating for very long actually. But we started off bestfriends and thenn we fell in love well we had sex actually two days ago..and his parents overheard him talking to me on the phone..I guess we were discussing it I don’t even remember.. but they heard him.. and we had done it in his brothers car and they saw the blanket and pillow in the back of his brothers tahoe..and he also took one of his dads condoms which was ******* stupid but still he did it..and now his dad is extremely mad and told him we can’t speak or even hang out ever again..and I’m not sure what to do..I’ve spent so many hours crying over this and people are telling me he isn’t worth it..but I believe he is..he has the biggest heart and he makes me happy..and he’s so special. I really need serious mature answers. And I am NOT moving on so don’t even tell me too… please help I’m so incredibly scared…

Ok, well, it wasn’t stupid of him to use a condom – it was smart. Maybe better if he had bought one himself… but at least you guys had the brains to use one.

His parents are clearly insane to some degree. I don’t think you should explain yourself to them. If you can keep seeing him, I would just keep seeing him when they’re not around. I know it makes things difficult, but really, they have no authority over you.

It seems really harsh to me that your friends would say &quot:he isn’t worth it&quot:: it sounds to me like it’s his dad that’s the problem, not him.

If he wants to keep seeing you, and you want to keep seeing him, then just do it. Just keep away from his parents house. Go out on dates, invite him over to your place, go to mutual friends places, hang out when you’re at school. In a few years, he won’t even be living with his parents, and you’ll forget that you ever saw them as people with so much power.

P.S. Just read over some of the other comments, and sure, if you can reason with them, why not. If you want to lie and say &quot:sorry&quot: to get them to shut up, and you think it’ll work, I guess that may be a good strategy as well, and avoid a lot of difficulty. But his dad doesn’t sound like a rational sort of person from what you said, so I guess it’s really up to you, since you know the people involved. You can always use what I said as &quot:Plan B.&quot:

Really, ultimately, when you’re both living out of home in a few years, his parents are going to look a LOT smaller.

Sorry Dear, but I do believe you both just done what comes naturally. Things will calm down in time, &amp: in the mean while, just keep loving him as you already do,&amp: it will work itself out. Don’t be scared, cause love will see you’s through this. Love Lacey ~ !!!.

why you take much pain on this. This is accidental.You apologise with her parents. It is Only a a mistake. You concentrate in your studies until you come to a finish in your studies.You avoid such circumstances in future.

I’d be proud mah boy. You want a mature answer eh? Don’t go looking for it at yahoo answers. Be mature and man up, or I guess woman up

i don’t understand your problem so what they know now you and him will have to do what you done before sneak off somewhere and be together his parents will calm down sooner or later

His parents are mad with him. What do you want to do? Only he can do something.

if you are to immature to come up with a mature answer for your actions you are infact to immature to do it

is he your first? if he makes you happy then don’t be in despair in deciding what you will do. if he is true to himself to you and giving all his best to make you happy then stick with him. but i think that you have to discern (just my opinion).

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