lost my virginty at 13… need advice URGENT?

okay backstory: so im 14, about 2 months ago i lost my virginity to a guy that i didn’t really know that well i had met him about 5/6 times, it was a mutual decision and he is a year older than me, we didnt go out we just kinda flirted a bit, after we had sex i went on holiday with my friend for a week when i got back my mum had found out she was so so angry the boys family found out and i think he’s under the impression i told my mum voluntarily which i DID NOT, i had quite strong feelings for him before we had but after the sex i think i might of acutely fallen for him, but its been 2 months as i said and he’s moved on, im aware that he has made out with other girls and i’m pretty sure he has no feelings for me at all, but i still lie him, tbh i think i might actuley be in love i’ve never felt anything like this okay now you know the story heres the problem, ive not felt much in the past 2 months but in the last 24 hours a wave of feelings just hit me like a ******* tsunami, im crying listning to sad songs, staying up all night just laying there then sleeping all day i have no effort to move or do anything productive i just want to be with him and cuddle. i know i sound ‘stupid’ and ‘naive’ but i just feel so empty and desperate almost like i would do anyting with any other guy to get over him im so desperate for attention. why am i only starting to feel sad like this now? advice? opinions? please?

Alright sweetie, you’re very young, and you jumped into a situation your young mind, and delicate heart couldn’t handle. You definitely shouldn’t jump into anything with another guy so soon, give yourself a chance to grow and mature. Don’t give yourself again to someone you don’t really know. It should be with someone who you’ve taken the time to get to know and vice versa, someone who actually respects you, and cares about you.

YOU should have thought about it while opening ur legs

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