I’m going to crash my ex best friend wedding!!!?

Because my girlfriend of 2 years he took away from me and he knew we were going to get married but he told lies behind my back and she believed him and broke up with me and now they are getting married, i been hurting for about a year because of this so, he called me once day to say sorry and ask me to come to the wedding, which i well but when she is walking down the carpet to marry this *****, I’m going to stand up and drop at me cloths and run around the outside wedding completely naked, this is my revenge to get back at them.. I’m 90% that i will do this no matter what happens to me, i just want to ruin their biggest day as they did to me.

hmmm…i say that crashing it is a good idea my friend…*high fives*…im thinking grab a hooker and bring her to it

This is not a good plan Stan. Revenge is a dish best served cold. From what you wrote, your emotions are still hot. If you have been unable to move beyond the pain of this break-up for over a year, you need to go talk to a counselor or your spiritual adviser. You are stuck in this pain, and they can help you move forward in life.

I’m looking in my crystal ball and what I see of this event…none of it bodes well for you. Actually, it pretty much sucks for you. After stripping off your clothes and running through the church, you are tackled by some very large rugby playing ushers who hold you until the police arrive. While being detained, people laugh and point at you…while you are completely naked. And some of the people laughing and pointing at you are people you knew since you were a kid.

Then, the police arrive and they arrest you. Since you are off your rocker, you then are sent to a mental hospital for evaluation. You have to deal with the criminal stuff for a couple of years regarding this. And now people think you are a nutter. The bride, fully vindicated that she made the right decision in dumping you two years ago, sues you for willfully ruining her wedding day, and you have to pay her several thousands of dollars in actual and punitive damages. A video of this makes its way to Youtube, so now the world has seen it as it has over a million hits. Your mom even clicked on it and saw your winky.

To add insult to injury, once you have sufficiently moved on from the pain of this break-up, you cannot find anyone to date you. It seems that persistent rumors of what you did at this wedding follow you for years and no girl wants to take the chance of dating a vengeful psycho…which is what everyone now calls you behind your back. And you always know a break-up is imminent when your latest girlfriend starts talking about Youtube.

By ruining their day, you ruined your life. Your best revenge is to live well. Now…go talk to your minister or a counselor to get on the path of living well. Good luck.

Don’t do it and get yourself in trouble that would not be cool. I understand that you are in pain but don’t them get the last laugh in the situation. Instead bring a prettier date to the wedding or something like that. Also when they announce does anyone object to the two of them getting married stand up and tell your story. They will be put on the spot and not know what to say. Make wise decision not dumb ones. Good luck to you and I hope you find some one that will treat you right.

If only you could step outside yourself and read what you posted in an objective manner….

You might come to realize that maybe it wasn’t so much what HE said to her to make her want to break up with you.

Understand, I’m in NO WAY trying to minimize your pain – I believe that you’re hurt. I believe you loved her. But she wasn’t for you – if she were, it would be you she’s marrying. Take some time, get to know yourself and move on.

Be the bigger person. For starters don’t go to the wedding – that is just too much for you to have to endure. Plus – you will forever be the horse’s @$$ that made a scene in front of hundreds if you follow through on your plan – THAT is what all those people will think of you – not that you’re the sad, desperate ex. You’ll simply be an @$$ in their eyes. Also – cut ties with both of them for a few years at least. You need time and distance.

Good luck.

Well at least while you’re in jail, you’ll have something to think about. You can think about how they’ll be enjoying each other on their wedding night. Your idiotic and juvenile actions won’t change their relationship. All it will do is make her even more thankful that she left you for him. You obviously have way too much time on your hands. Instead of acting like a douche bag, maybe you should go back to school so that you can learn to put a sentence together.

Um. she really wouldn’t want to marry you then. If you MUST do something though, write her an in depth letter explaining everything you think she should know. But trust me if i saw m X running around m wedding a$s naked I’d surely call security myself while screaming obscenities at you. Karma is truly a ***** so don’t give them the satisfaction of letting her fiance know it’s tearing you up inside. Just bring a prettier date with you, or stand up and say you object, tell the whole audience what happened and why you object and watch her be put on the spot. Hard to do but worth her response. and If she doesn’t believe you or want you back then she never felt the same way for you than you have for her.

That’s possibly the stupidest thing that you could do.

If you really love her, let her get married. Maybe some day, down the road, you’ll find someone you love so much, and what if they show up at your wedding and ruin your day by doing the same thing.

i agree with you somewhat :: if i were you i would most definitely want revenge also.

Just dont embarrass yourself in that way and even worse get arrested. By running around naked, you will be making a mockery of yourself not them.

Don’t give them the satisfaction of letting her fiance know it’s tearing you up inside.

think of other ways to get back ::

— bring a way better looking date with you
— in the ceremony when they say does anyone have any objections, stand up and say you object, tell the whole audience what happened and why you object and watch them be put on the spot.

hope for the best hunn

Smart move, Einstein….then people will be talking about you for YEARS…..and how lucky she was to have married the man she did and not you, The Lunatic…….and it’ll work great for your social life as women will line up just to date the &quot:@sshole who ran around naked at some poor couple’s wedding&quot:….LMAO

Don’t even go to their wedding. It does sound horrible what happened to you, but you should just grow up, make some new friends, and move on.

And then he wins because you’ve made yourself look like a crazy lunatic whose vindictive, ruthless, cruel and mean.

Might want to check the guest list before you make an *** of yourself. It sucks when the boss, pastor, hairdresser, cutiepie, are all there when you make a fool of yourself.

And he’ll have the last LAUGH and it’ll go down and haunt you forever, especially when it’s caught on camera and stills and posted on facebook for all to see and personal blogs AND GOSH KNOWS who gets the dvd version.

Have fun then!

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