Do non-religious modern liberals dislike all religions or just Christianity?

As a Christian, I have never yet been intimidated by another individuals religious beliefs. I have been friends with, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, other Christian denominations. If anything, a person devoted to his faith has inspired me to become a better Christian.

I’m extremely liberal (to the point that I think Democrats and most &quot:liberals&quot: are very conservative)… and I’m not religious. I wouldn’t say I’m an atheist… or that I do or don’t believe in some form of god… I just don’t think religion is necessary for me to be a moral person or connect with those around me/care for my loved ones. I just find the idea of religion (for me) to be superfluous and unnecessary.

That said… I have nothing against Christians. Actually, my girlfriend is Christian… as well as a few of my friends. I have nothing against any other religion, either. Honestly, I really admire the connection people have with religion. Occasionally I even go to church/synagogue/temple/etc… (ie: various religions) just to watch other people, because it makes me happy. I actually even have a major interest in the mythology/stories/practices of certain religions (particularly Catholicism, Hunduism, and Judaism).

That said… I don’t like the religious-right. I don’t like people who say that gays are going to hell and that gay marriage should be banned, or that abortion should be illegal because it’s &quot:against God&quot:, or that other religions are &quot:false&quot: and its followers are going to hell because they don’t &quot:accept Christ&quot:, or that Christian prayer should be mandatory for all kids in school (regardless of their individual believs), etc… I don’t like religious people who use their religion to belittle and damn other people, and believe that their superior because of their beliefs. I don’t like religious people who throw away the ideas of love and compassion in exchange for self-righteous &quot:morality&quot: that they impose upon other people. And, in America and most of the Western World, Christians are the most prone to these things.

So I don’t dislike Christians, but I dislike certain *kinds* of Christians. I mean… my girlfriend is Christian, very much so… but as a Christian, she’s very much opposed to the religious-right and people who use their religious beliefs as justification to hate others. So she’s Christian… but a kind of Christian that I admire and respect.

And in all fairness, I also have the same problem with Atheists who use their lack of belief as justification to p**s on religious people… as I find many Atheists are just as intolerant, self-righteous, and hateful as right many religious-right Christians… which is ridiculous. You’d think that lack of believe in a higher power would make you more loving toward and accepting of the &quot:minor powers&quot: (ie: people, animals… living things), because if you’re not then… what ARE you loving and accepting of? Of course, not all Atheists are like this… but it seems many are.

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