Christians? Is god fair?

Alot of christians seem to disagree with this

Being fair and being just are two vastly different things. The God of the Bible never claimed to be fair. He doesn’t have to be fair and He isn’t fair. Basically, we just have to deal with it.

Is he or not, apparently the bible didn’t say so, i got that answer (above) to a question asking about if god is fair to send ppl to hell for not believing in jesus. Is he or not? Do you believe in a just loving mercyful jealous unfair god?

He is fair is in his judgment, but other that that, he does not guarantee our lives will be fair.

you know what makes me angry, the fact that people are still talking about this. What does it matter what I or anyone else says? Do you think it will change what God is or isn’t? Listen man, you think life is unfair for some reason. Uncover that reason, then go about fixing your life.

God came through Jesus. So, if you don’t believe in God you wouldn’t believe in Jesus.

So, therefore you might go to hell

The Lord God Almighty is completely, and forever FAIR.
If you do not want Christ NOW, you won’t get Him LATER.
If you want Him NOW, you will have Him LATER.
Your choice. And, He will honor your decision.
Completely fair.

If he can give heaven’s best to save earth’s worst, he is fair to me…


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