Are doom and gloom Republicans predicting continued recessions responsible for extended unemployment?

The biggest barrier to increasing jobs right now are business owner’s and corporation’s fears. They are not sure about the expanding economy, despite growth in every sector. The only people claiming that there is no growth, or that the growth isn’t lasting or that we are all destined to go broke are the tea party republicans with their message of negativity and disaster.

Are they responsible for keeping the private sector from hiring again?

What can patriotic Americans do to counter the anti job creating claims of those who hate our country and the citizens in it?

Republicans and terrorists want our country to fail and are doing all they can to make it happen.
The Republicans are the reason our economy has collapsed and the unemployment has skyrocketed.
The Republicans are blocking extension of unemployment in an effort to make things much worse in their continuing effort to make America fail.

You obviously are unaware of the seriousness of our failing economy. Business owners do not stop hiring because of fear but rather because of lack of business. If business is booming they can have all the fear they want- they will still hire in order to keep up with the demand. The problem is- there is no demand. This is the worst unemployment statistics since the Great Depression. Since Obama has taken office 7 million jobs have been lost. In some states unemployment is reaching 30%. Those are the facts. The fear if there is any is real- not imagined.

Sounds like you may be the unpatriotic one. Why can people not have a different opinion then the Liberals?

I have heard both sides, and believe if you shore up the government, create government jobs, spend all the money in services, and do nothing for small business, you will fail. The money will dry up.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out you cannot keep taking money out, without putting it in . Small business, and big business pay a majority of the taxes, and when these disappear, your services will disappear. Simple fact.

If I was a big business owner, I would be waiting too, because if a small individual like myself can see this, what more do you think these executives see? They have to be in the wait and see mode, or they will lose their company.

I claim there is no growth in the private sector and the government numbers bear that out. The increase in GDP is due entirely to government spending, most of which we had to borrow. The private sector is rightly concerned about the amount of debt this nation is carrying. Do some research on the fiscal policies of Iceland and the results of those policies.

What can we do? Hire someone.

the USA has the second highest corporate tax in the world which encourages businesses to outsource, thus reducing jobs here at home. Tea party republicans are not the only people claiming there is no growth. If you want jobs in this country, the government needs to stop interfering in the free market and stop making the climate hostile to business.

You’re a graduate of the Janeane Garafalo School of Business, aren’t you? You are so far off of the mark as demonstrated by these other answers that it’s obvious that you’ve been listening to another of your liberal pundits that dropped out of high school. There has not been any growth in the private sector and I would challenge you to provide even a shred of proof for your claim.

Sorry that you don’t like that. I own a small manufacturing company that uses a lot of energy to produce our products.
Cap &amp: Trade is a huge fear when we are in competition with China and India.
Credit to buy raw materials is difficult to get.
Insurance costs are going to increase significantly

It not feeling. It’s reality. I’m weeding out customers that are slow pay or low profit instead of putting my company in a vulnerable position.
Obama is paying off big business and unions and killing small business.

People’s financial concerns ( fears) are directly linked to the uncertainty of 0bama’s medical industry power grab and the impact on the cost of doing business when Cap and Tax doubles energy costs.

How much would you like to bet ,if 0bama care were shelved and Cap and Tax abandoned things would start to turn around almost immediately ?

Businesses are not hiring due to tax rates and over regulation by the government. They know the rises in the economy are nothing more then a bubble that will soon burst, leaving stagnation behind.

Instead of spending to reduce debt, why not cut government spending to the bone, reduce taxes, and reduce government regulation to encourage businesses to hire?

A year ago, what you describe was the rallying cry of the left to win the election, using your logic, can we say the Democrats made the recession worse and that they are the ones that hate the country and its citizens?

I’m afraid I have to side with Republicans on these early numbers. But .of course. Even when and if real numbers, positive numbers come in. The Republicans will continue with their claim of no improvement. I won’t.

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