94 f150 wont start. Turn key and one click and nothing?

Drove me to work fine, when i went to leave work, it wouldnt start. I sat in my truck, turned the key, everything worked, the radio, the lights, etc. just when i turned the key to crank the engine, it just ‘click’ and thats it. nothing.

I hit the starter a few times, still nothing. tried to jump this thing i forget what its called, its like right behind the battery. didnt work.

boosted the battery and everything, still nothing..

What could be the problem?

it sounds like the solenoid on the starter has given up, you will see that they is two large nuts holding to size-able cables on the end of the solenoid, using some thing metal just big enough to connect to both at the same time bridge the connecting nuts, it will set of a spark or two but the starter should start spinning, it will mean the solenoid on the starter is buggered

I just had some similar issues with my dodge ram. Wouldnt start after sitting for a while..bought new battery still nothing..problem was buildup on the cable conectors…make sure the copper hasnt oxidized on the inner side of the post rings at the ends of the cables(the part that contacts the battery posts)…you wont get any power if its coated. Its a nasty green looking substance. You will need some battery cleaner or a wire brush to clean them if thats the case. Once I did this it fired right up.

If what Martinus said doesn’t work make sure the battery is good have check ur ignition then (likely ask a pro 4 help) if-not have ur starter checked-out if not it means ur engine isn’t turning over and u might need to have a big job done.

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