would anyone care to join me in speaking up to westboro baptist church?

There have been many negative comments about the lack of Christian love shown by westboro church- and they are very unbiblical in their approach, and the more I heard about these people , the more I know that God is very disappointed in them. So I decided to go to there website, and contact them and share my feelings- about how they need to repent of their evil ways- granted sin is sin, however they are not showing the love of Christ, they are religious pharisees of the present era, and God is not pleased. Instead of complaining about this group, I have decided to pray and take action by contacting them and protesting them, would anyone who are true Christians join me in exposing their apostasy?

I’d love to. This church does SOO MUCH against the Body of Christ. I travel sometimes for my job, and I remember being somewhere a local TV station interviewed &quot:Pastor Fred Phelps&quot:, and he STARTED OUT the interview with the greeting to the listening audience &quot:Good evening, Godless sodomites.&quot:
I don’t remember other secific things he said (that kind of blew my mind) but NOTHING he said was kind or loving or good in any fashion whatsoever: and of course, when the interview was over, the local TV station made no correction or apology saying anything like &quot:This doesn’t represent mainstream Christianity.&quot: The viewer was left to draw their own conclusions, which certainly wouldn’t ATTRACT ANYBODY. First response would be &quot:This guy’s nuts.&quot:
I think their email should be daily filled and flooded with the Gospel message: I can’t help but wonder if they can listen to reason at all. By reason, I mean the Bible.

Edit: I do not see that they accept email, only questions or comments, which I’m sure they get plenty of: http://www.godhatesfags.com/contact.html

It is so sad that these &quot:Christians&quot: are getting so much media attention. This is what the rest of the world is seeing Christianity as! We are here to bring honor to God and bring people closer to him, not to denounce the world and push everyone away. These people make our God look like a monster! What’s worse, they use the bible to justify their actions when everything I have heard them say is taken completely out of context. They need to take another, fresh look at their faith and ask themselves why they believe what they do because I don’t understand how they could have got their beliefs from the bible. I am also going to pray and keep on praying that God can help these people to see the real him.

For anyone who doesn’t know what they are doing, here is a hint. These are all of their websites:


These people also praise God for the September 11 attacks, the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, not because they were chances for his followers to show God’s love through the great charity acs afterwards but because they were glad that these sinners were punished!

They are insane, maybe even demon-possessed, since nothing they portray is at ALL Christlike. How happy is Satan that they claim to be Christians, yet behave with such vicious hatred? It makes true Christians look bad to the rest of the world!!
They don’t care what we say, unfortunately. Fred Phelps is a violent man who brainwashed and beat his family into submission. Several of his kids have left the family fold because of it. Who really knows what will happen when he passes away? Maybe more of the family will feel free and stop this crazy, evil behavior.
Regardless, I’m praying for them that their eyes can be opened.

It is good to see Christians reproving this cultic group, who do not really witness for Jesus but make a name for themselves,and give Christians a bad name. Which is why the liberal media LOVES them, as they provide part of what they desire in order to portray evangelicals as unthinking hatemongers. Katie Couric even tried to place blame on James Dobson for Matthew Shepard’s murder (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/articl… as in their eyes conscientiously opposing an immoral practice, or just calling it that means you must be promoting killing of them, and be afraid of them, even though Focus the Family spends time and money trying to help them. In reality, Westboro Baptist is the counterpart to your typical homosexual activist, who manifestly seeks to promote real hatred of any who actively but peacefully oppose them.

Homosexuality is indeed unBiblical, perverse and harmful* being primarily responsible to the early spread of AIDS (and still much so), with 25 million dead, but while Christians must oppose such as sinful, they seek to save them, as even some of the first Christians were former homosexuals (1 Cor. 6:9-11). Thank God for His mercy and grace on His expense and credit, that of Jesus sinless shed blood and righteousness!

Westboro totally needs to read Romans 2 where it explains that those who judge shall have the same fate as they have said others will have. I really wonder how they can support their ideas with the Word. The website seems to pick and choose various scriptures…

I will pray that they change their evil ways. They are as bad as satan in twisting God’s word and turning people against God. I pity them because they will know what they did when they face Jesus on judgment day.

They could not care less. You will be mocked and laughed at worse than anything you ever got from the biggest, meanest nasty atheist on Yahoo Answers. If you come on too strongly with your love and caring, they may even post your letters on the website with their ridicule. I’ve seen that done. Seriously, save your effort. It will accomplish nothing except to ruin your day.

Ok, God has not appointed anyone to try and fill his shoes, so where did us human decide to take over God’s business and hurt or hurm another, I really know he can handle his children better than any human can, so I will Pray and pray and pray God’s will br done in oyhers life. I will pray for them again until Iv’e heard they are pleasing in the eyes of their God. God still gets the victory because through that issue his name is call

I will join you…Yes I will pray for them…as a baptist myself…I am ashame for how these people are acting…They need to show the love of Jesus to people…not being a pharisee like you said…

Prayer will change them! We need to really intercede and do warfare, as they are in a bondage to the lies and deception of satan, it must break the heart of God to see them in such deep bondage. I am thankful though, that even when Christians mess up that God is great enough to still use what truth they do speak to change lives. God always wins, satan always looses.

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