Why so much anti-Christian agenda in Religion and Spirituality?

I’m just curious. I mean, people seem to pigeonhole Christians as being feeble-minded, intolerant Neanderthals who can’t form rational thought. These agenda-loaded questions ask why we’re so stupid, closed-minded, or not free thinkers. So I guess my questions are as follows:

1) Is it not cool to bash Islam, Judaism, Shintoism, Taoism, Buddhism, Deism, Paganism, Wiccan, Satanism, or any of the other religions, but Christianity is the atheist bullseye? Seems kind of strange.
2) Doesn’t it seem hypocritical to call Christians closed-minded and intolerant in one hand, and then defend that point with generalizations and intolerance in the other?
3) Doesn’t the vast wealth of historical evidence prove that Christians aren’t, on the whole, complete idiots? (wikipedia christian thinkers for a start)
4) Shouldn’t you try to avoid basic spelling/grammar mistakes when you go out of your way to insult the intelligence of such a major group of people? It undermines your point a bi

1) I have lived my entire life in a predominately Christian country. As a result most of the arguments I’ve had on this issue have been with Christians. No Jew, Buddhist or Pagan ever knocked on my door on Saturday morning to try and convert me.

Furthermore, the Abrahamic faiths (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) are more dangerous. Most of the other religions you named have liturgies that are innocuous and silly – the Abrahamic faiths are silly and violent. At this moment in history Islam especially so. If you want to bash other religions, that’s cool with me.

2)It depends what you mean by intolerance. If exercising your right to free speech to call an illogical idea illogical, that is not what I think of as intolerant. Religious convictions should not get a free pass in the market place of ideas just because we call them a matter of faith. Political, economic and scientific convictions are not accorded automatic respect why should religion be any different. It would help here if you could give a specific example of what you mean.

3) Christians run the gamut from smart to stupid. Yes, there have been intelligent Christians but it is also statistically true that the better educated someone is, particularly in the sciences the more likely they are to embrace atheism.

4) I agree.


1) It’s OK to bash any religion. Christianity gets most of the attention of atheists because most of us here live in the US (from what I can tell, but I could be wrong), where Christianity is in the majority, and has a much greater impact on our lives than other religions.

2) If a close-minded and intolerant person criticizes Christians for being close-minded and intolerant, then yes, they does make them a hypocrite. Before I comment further on this, can you define what you mean by &quot:intolerance&quot:? Many people mistake intolerance for direspect, and I do not know which category you fall into. Also, can you think of any cases where intolerance of someone’s beliefs could be a good thing? How about honor killings? Intolerance isn’t always a bad thing when someone’s beliefs cause harm.

3) This argument is pointless. The majority of people in the western world were Christian for how many centuries? Of course there are going to be some exceptional minds. I’m sure you can find similar lists across any number of religions. Also, for a long time, it was the Catholic church who built the universities throughout Europe. You’re not really saying anything here. There are issues with standardized IQ tests, but there has to be a better way to examine the level of intelligence within a religion.

4) Do me a favor. Don’t stereotype atheists, and we won’t stereotype you. I don’t speak for all atheists, but for the most part I only point out atrocious spelling or grammar issues when reading what someone has typed gives me a headache, their point is also stupid, and I want to rub it in a little.

I do not see that there is truly an anti-Christian agenda here as moderate Christians rarely have large problems with many of the things you describe. I will address some of your points in order to illustrate my view on the matter as I am not a Christian.

1) Judaism, Islam, Wicca and other Pagan religions are held in just as much contempt as the anti-theistic group of atheists here as Christianity. I have been called deluded for following multiple Gods by BOTH Christians and Atheists alike.

2) Many Pagans and Jews here give concrete examples of Christian intolerance towards them when they say that Christians show closed-minded and intolerant behavior. One of my Heathen contacts has had people threaten to call Child Protective Services to report her as a bad mother BECAUSE she is not Christian — I do not see that as either tolerant OR a generalization.

3) I do not deny that there are many prominent Christian scientists and philosophers as I have mentioned the Jesuit scientist who pioneered the &quot:Big Bang&quot: theory of Cosmology. I just ask that Christians acknowledge the pre-Christian scholars such as Heron of Alexandria and Archimedes.

4) I go out of my way to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes in all my posts — as well as trying not to insult ANY group’s intellegence

1. Christianity has caused major wars and millions of deaths, of course the religon is going to be bashed. And jews, mormons, and JW’s get bashed more than christians as far as i can tell..

2. Yes it does seem closed minded. The atheists who do that should be ashamed of themselves.

3. Not really. Christians (from what i know) believe that the Earth is circa 6,700 years old. Christians believe the Earth was created in 6 days. Christians believe water covered the whole earth at one time.

4. No. i make grammer mistakes and spelling mistakes all the time. I’m atheist and i’m no perfectionist. Once again, atheist who critize people for spelling mistakes are stupid and shouldn’t even speak.

I enjoyed answering your questions, i hope you enjoy reading my answer!

That’s a good question. I think it’s funny how people complain about Christians being judgemental when they themselves make generalizations about every Christian. Yes there are bad Christians, just like every other religion has bad followers, however the religion and it’s beliefs are in and of itself great. However people tend to only focus on the followers instead of the system of faith itself. And yes Christians will be persecuted. Even Christ said that he didn’t come to bring everyone together, he came to separate. I’m a Christian, but I believe that you should be allowed to choose any religion that makes you feel a connection with a higher power. I’m not here to tell anyone they are wrong.

For a very long time Christianity wreaked havoc on the peoples of the world. Be it the Jews, the Muslims, the tribal natives of whatever country etc… Christians have always pushed their views and way of life on others. I see this as a form of Karma for the past. Some of the sub groups of the Christian faith have openly attacked certain groups of people (the Muslim, gays and lesbians, trans gendered, etc) and they feel the need to attack back usually they are set off very easily. While Christians work tirelessly to bring the peoples of the world together with their religion they only push some away. Religion is just another thing tearing us apart.

Christianity is the most attacked here because atheists and agnostics are the dominant worldviews ONLINE.

That’s why you either have to A) Just accept it and get on with it or B) tailor your message to your new audience.

If you were to give a speech at some school, you would change your presentation based on the audience. If you were talking at some Christian college, your message might assume God’s existence or the validity of the Bible. If you’re speaking at some staunch, anti-Christian university, you’re obviously not going to give the same type of presentation (e.g., you won’t use the Bible until you’ve establish its validity.)

This is an anti-Christ society we live in. It was back in Johns day and certainly more so today. It isn’t the people in christianity that the world hates but the God of christianity that they hate. We feel the brunt of it however but thats okay. Jesus says that in the world we’re gonna have some persecution but He said to be of good cheer for He has over come the world! One day all of these god haters could possibly be watching a pay-per-view event featuring man eating lions devouring up a few christians and just lovin’ it. You never know, with the way that the world is headed, it could become a possibility.

Most people’s lives are directly affected by Christianity. For example, people in many states can’t buy liquor on Sundays. It’s not the deists prohibiting that.

There are very intelligent Christian thinkers. And then there is the Christian masses. Big difference.

I agree with respect to the spelling and grammar. The same can be said about Christians. I have been told: &quot:your gonna go to hellll.&quot: The point is lost in the stupidity of the writer.

Yes, yes the undermining point thing is true.

That being said Christianity is target because Shintoism, Taoism, etc. Are not popular Satanism and paganism sort of have a bad reputation and Judaism? I think people just feel bad about it after the Holocaust.
Since Christianity is well known, not that dangerous, and that it has not had anything tragic happen to it lately that makes it prime. That and it has some negative cases along with it (i.e. pastor pedophiles) and the fact that it’s book has more holes then Swiss cheese.

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