Why are mormons considered christian? (I’m atheist, not a fundie)?

Both Islam and the Mormons say they are of the same religious tradition of the jews OT, and the Christians later NT. Both of them have written separate books by separate prophets.

If anything Muslims should be considered more christian because they’re quran was revealed to them in the area where jesus and others may have walked, and muslims claim a genetic lineage straight to Abraham.

my goodness…answers off-topic much?

because the LDS (aka mormons) worship Jesus as the Christ and Messiah and recognize His divinity as The Son of God…..

the muslims see Him as a prophet.

The recent attempts by some websites to draw broad correlations between the LDS faith and Islam are pretty ridiculous and amount to nothing more than a lame attempt to drag one religion through the mud by comparing it to another one which some consider unfavorable.

However, when you asks why Mormons are considered Christians your question can be easily answered by doing 2 things:

1 – Look up the definition of &quot:Christian&quot:

2 – Look up what the LDS church teaches about Christ.

Despite what people may say our teachings are unequivocally Christian.

Any one who believes that Christ is the son of God and died for our sins is a Christian. Satan knows who Christ is and exactly what His death meant … but we would not call Satan a Christian.

That term (christian) simply denotes the body of believers. You don’t have to go to church or be a member of a denomination to be part of the body of Christ. You must simply believe in Him with love and faith.

Muslims are not christian. They believe Jesus was a prophet (nice religious guy) and not the son of God. In fact … the idea that God has a son is LOATHSOME to Muslims. They have carved on the walls of the Al Aqsa Mosque &quot:God forbid he have a son&quot:. Christians and Jews also have a genealogy to Abraham (as do Muslims) … but with Christ, any believer is adopted into the family. Christ desires a heart condition, not a DNA pattern. It is a very very interesting story about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and how the sons of these 3 turned into nations. You should look it up sometime, or ask.

because a christan is any one that believes in christ. and guess what!! mormons believe in christ. I don’t just believe but know that Joseph Smith jr. was and is a true prophet, and that he did find the golden plates and he did translate them. If you’ve read the Book of Mormon you would realize it is to powerful to be made up. this is not blasphemy. If a 13 year old believes this so strongly don’t you think you should look into it?? I have fasted and prayed to know that it is true. I also know that Thomas S. Monson is the current prophet of god.

Mormons or the LDS church became into in basic terms between the church homes in CA that became into against gay marriage. in basic terms the LDS church positioned the main time and attempt into the reason, different church homes positioned some money forward. portion of being a Christian is status up for what’s solid. Christ countless situations have been given mad and threw out people from the temple.

Mormons are Christian because they believe in Jesus as a personal savior. Using a later book does not affect that belief at all.

You are from SA right? They don’t use fundi outside SA I think (-: It is an Nguni word ‘umfindisi’, meaning someone with tremendous honor or wisdom. Of course we mean it as someone who knows a lot

Ok that was just just some useless trivia. Back to your Q

Read a book people(other than the bible). Mormonism is still a sect of Christianity.

Probably because of that whole &quot:Christ&quot: thing.

And why should their book be any less believable than the books of any other religious belief?

They believe in Christ, so yes they are Christian. Whether you like them or not isn’t the question here.

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