what age should i start potty training?

my daughter is one is she kinda young to start potty training? i would prefer she be potty trained when the new baby comes, (im due august 14(, because that would just be alot easier for me if she was already potty trained, but do you think she is a little too young for that? her and the new baby will be very close in age, she hadnt even turned one yet whenever i found out i was pregnant again. she turned one on feb.21. so do you think i should just give it a try and start now? or wait till shes older? like i said, once the new baby is here, it would help alot of my one year old is already potty trained…

A child is never too young to start learning about the toilet. The best thing is to regularly take them with you to the bathroom and let them learn by example. It is also good for them to occasionally wear cloth diapers/training pants so they don’t lose touch with the feeling of going pee. Disposable diapers desensitize them and part of potty training is simply relearning how to voluntarily release into a toilet.

With that said, having a goal to become fully potty training in certain times of transition such as a move or a new baby is not realistic. Children who feel pressured usually resist training. Also, most children training after 12months and before 2 1/2 years of age train very slowly anyway. You pretty much have to let the child choose the pacing. I would expect the average 12 month old to complete training in about one year although some have a strong preference to be dry and learn to signal their parents for potty time in just a few weeks!

If you want to make life easy, disposable diapers are your friend. Diaper changes can be done assembly line style and you’ll save time. If you want to avoid having two children in diapers until age 3 or 3 1/2, I recommend researching &quot:elimination communication&quot: method of toilet learning. When your baby is about 3-4 months old you can train both kids at the same time. You just sit them on the toilet a few times a day and they gradually transition into being fully trained when they are ready, just like any other developmental milestone (crawling, walking, talking). It is a little bit of work up front, but not more difficult than potty training a 2 1/2 year old and lots more fun.

Yes, one is VERY young to start potty training Even if you were to make some progress, you would probably still have to be taking her to the potty every hour or so and/or cleaning up numerous accidents come August. Personally, I would think it ‘s easier to just change the diapers for a few more months than to be constantly running to the potty with her while being hugely pregnant or trying to care for a newborn.

Kids differ widely in when they are ready, but 2 1/2- 3 1/2 is probably the most usual range, and few kids are really ready before they are 2.

So I’d just wait until she shows signs of readiness and interest. When she IS ready, it will go quickly (a couple of days to a couple of weeks.) If she isn’t’ ready, you could be slogging at it for motnsh and years.

Most children are ready around age 2- 3, girls tending to be easier to potty train than boys. But just as each child is unique, so is their readiness to begin potty training. The important thing is to be tuned into your child’s interest and willingness to begin, such as taking an interest in the toilet, waking up or remaining dry for the majority of the day. A one year old is a bit too young physically…they are still learning what the sensations of having to use the bathroom are all about. As nice as it would be to only have one in diapers at a time, the importance is not to rush it as a child that is stressed by their parent’s constant pushing to potty train often ends up taking the longest. Your pediatrician can give you more insight to the signs of when your one year old is ready and offer some great advise on how to begin this adventure.

I just had this discussion with my pediatrician. My husband is hounding me to train my 2 year old son, but he is just not ready. He could care less if he’s wet or soiled, his answer to every question is NO, etc. He advised that potty training should not be based on age but on the childs physical and behavioral readiness. There are signs you should look for to see if your child is ready to potty train. If you start her out too soon it will just take longer in in long run (and may actually delay success). Here is a good article from babycenter.com with more information.


We’ve bought a potty to have in the bathroom and he comes in and sits on it whenever either of us uses the bathroom so he will begin to get the idea. The other day he came in with a big wooden spoon and &quot:stirred&quot: his pot while mommy did her business! Lol ~ it was too cute! I did have to explain to him that it’s not that kind of bowl!

good luck!

Any where from 18 months to 3 years old…all depends on the child and the situation
Get a potty chair and just let her get used to the idea of going in the bathroom with mommy…no pressure….keep her dressed for a while before you try sitting her down on it
I went to the library and found a lot of potty videos to show my toddler, and it seems to be working well.

Have you heard of elimination communication? Look it up on the internet for some interesting reading. I’ve a 3 month old baby and I’ve been trying this theory since she was 5 weeks old. She both pees and poos in the toilet with remarkable consistency. You can start any time as long as you have good patience and an eye for your daughters needs. I always take my daughter when she wakes up and after feeding. Good luck.

potty train her at the age of 21/2

too young hun

face it your gonna have two in diapers for at least a year

girls dont train until around 2 and a half

she has no control over that function

can she remove and pull up her pants
does she say and understand potty terms like pee poop and potty
is she staying dry at night and for two or more hours during the day.
can she tell you she has to go.

if the answer is no to any of these then its a no go.

shes too young forget until next summer

When my daughter was eight months i went out and bought a potty for her. Every time i went to the bathroom i would sit her on her potty in front of me. Sometimes, whenever i go to the bathroom she follows and sits on the toilette. Now we’ve noticed that when she goes pee or poo she goes to her potty and sits next to it while she does her business.(she even rests her arms on the potty. It’s not our ideal outcome but she’s not done yet. She’s got lots of time to get it right.

Maybe you should try showing her a potty, introducing it to her that way. Maybe by your due date she might be ready.

i would wait until she is a lil closer to 2 years old the recomended age is 2 years old for potty training

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