Unconstitutional to ban gay marriage?

I am a conservative Christian in the US. I am strongly against gay marriage, because the Bible is very clear that marriage is between one man and one woman. However, I have been thinking about this because of separation of church and state. If I was a senator, and a bill was going through to legalize gay marriage, I am not quite sure what I would do. When I think about it, the only reason I oppose gay rights is because of my faith in God. Technically, wouldn’t my voting no on this hypothetical bill be a breech of separation of church and state, because my only reasoning is my faith? The more I think about it, I do think I couldn’t vote no because of the constitution, but I couldn’t vote yes with a clear conscience. Does anyone (especially Christians) have a comment on this?

(Also, this is why I think gay marriage as well as all social issues, like abortion, should go before the states individually. That way the people could decide, and their reasoning could be based on anything, and it would be ok.)

Voting &quot:no&quot: would not violate the Constitution. The separation of church and state under the First Amendment prevents the government from imposing or promoting religion, and prevents it from restricting the free exercise of religion. But lawmakers are free to vote on laws for religious reasons. Actually, stopping them from doing that would be a violation of the free exercise clause.

But banning gay marriage is probably unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment as a violation of the equal protection clause.

By the way this sort of dilemma has arisen before. The only Catholic priest ever to hold a national office was Massachusetts Senator Robert Drinan. He was adamantly pro-choice. When Pope John Paul II decreed that all catholic priests must support pro-life laws, Father Drinan resigned his position because he felt he could not keep both his oath to Holy See and his oath to uphold the Constitution.

A rational and considerate Christian. You are free to think whatever you would like and if you disagree with gay marriage, all the power to ya. However, it is unconstitutional for you to try and enforce your beliefs on others so you are absolutely correct. Let people live their lives however they want and concentrate on yours.

think about this for a second, at one time all the world believed the world was flat. we faught a war with ourselves so blacks could be free. millions were against civil rights and even more against womans rights. just because a majority of people think something isnt right, it doesnt mean its true. such is the delima of society. but as you see all these things changed, and with it society as well. you are correct in your thinking of separation of church and state. and regardless with time, freedom always prevails.

Where in the bible do you read &quot:very clearly&quot: that marriage is between one man and one woman? I have read the bible several dozen times and It’s not in there.

Perhaps you could enlighten us and quote the exact passage where it says this supposedly &quot:clearly&quot:.

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