Situation with our house and my sister-in-law need some advice!sorry its long?

We moved out of state a couple eyars ago and we rented the bottom apartment of our house to me sister-in law she was dating my brother at the time and they decided to move in together. She was 18 she originally suppose to live with us but My husband got a job offer and we moved shortly after she moved in. We gave them the first four months for free The apartment was in bad shape at the time in agreement that they would at least put 600 bucks into fixing up the place. And make it liveable. About a year and a half after living there at a reduce rent vs other apartments in our area we fixed it up pretty good new carpets complete new bathroom painted etc etc she broke up with my brother and she lives there with her new boyfriend now. Which is all fine. My problem is that I need a place to live with my 2 sons and I ahve no other options I told her that I would need the apartment for a couple months 2 at least while I find another place. and either she could live there with me for a couple months or find a new place. But if she decided to stay she would pay a further reduced rent and i would contribute for bills.
She has been a total wench since then saying its not your house its my brothers ( he bought it before we got maerried)but we had been together 5 eyars when he purchased it.) I’m not moving any of my stuff blah blah blah I told her I would try to make it as easy on her as possible if she had a day off I would try not to be there etc etc .. bending over backwards to maek it easier on her . I ahve helped her whenever I could since the day I met her and love her like my own but she is acting like a typical 21 year old and I don’t blame her but it just makes me angry that she couldn’t do this for me without all the teenage bullshit SHES NOT A TEENAGER ANYMORE! I ahve helped her since day 1 school clothes supplies whatever she wanted I don’t expect too much back. But I justt don’t know how to handle her anymore

Get the police involved, as long as it is actually you who has the deeds.

your a good person and she doesn’t understand that which is sad. what if you pretend to kick her out, see what happens then.

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