poll: barack obama or john mccain?

who do you think should have won the election?

star if you think its OBAMA!

and also, dont post anything mean above

Poll: John McCain



I was unhappy for those men be the choice of the leader of the US. the country was screwed either way.
No matter what, don’t blame me I voted for McCain/Obama bumper stickers would have come eventually.

Barack Obonga

i don’t really like mccain either but he would have done this country a lot better :\

so mccain. and i’m not saying why not obama because i’m sure it will offend people and nobody will listen so i’m just going to keep my mouth shut xD
and no it has nothing to do with him being black.

mine please trying to make a record

McCain because Obama is just a really big disappointment.

John Mccain

Barack obama is the best!

Obama loves your momma


Obama= The Greatest thing to happen to America!

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