My Puppy won’t quit whining!?

I have a 9 month old Pomeranian puppy. I’ve had him for about 6 months now. He still wakes me up to take him outside.

I sleep about 8 hours, and he does go to outside right before I go to bed. He wakes up 2 hours before I get up, and he whines, and whines, and whines. I can ignore him, and it goes on for hours. I can tell him to shhhhh or BE QUIET a million times, and it won’t help. Eventually I just get up, take him outside, and then I’m awake for the rest of the night.

How can I stop this? I KNOW he is capable of holding it, because he sometimes has to hold it 8 hours, on days, where I don’t get home to take him out.

Maybe you could put the crate in a room on the other side of the house and shut the door. He shouldn’t be able to wake you up there. Give him a toy or something to keep him occupied. When he whines, quit giving in and taking him out. Your dog has learned that when he whines at night, you will take him out.

I pick up my dogs food and water around 5 pm. Works pretty good. You could also open the cage door, shove a chew treat in there when he whines and go back to bed…he’ll get the point eventually.

He knows even if you yell at him, you will let him out, so he will continue that behavior.

Try to limit the amount of water and/or food a couple of hours before he goes to bed.

Take him out to do his business before you go to bed,if your mother or father stays up for a little longer than you then tell them to take him out before they go to bed just in case.

If he continues to do this buy him something to do his own business on for example:a mat

Hey may not be used to sleeping in a crate because it is uncomfortable for him.Buy him the softest bed you can find,buy some chew toys and leave food out in case he gets hungry while your sleeping in the night.

If this continues take him to the vet for a check-up.

So, should be go ahead and put you in a box for 8 hours and yell at you when you need to go and can’t hold it?


He is letting you now he needs to go… BAD… I know it is irritating to get your sleep schedule interrupted… So, for the sake of all mankind, please don’t have children if this is how you’re going to react…

He needs to go… PERIOD. Either get some piddle pads or get up and let him out.

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