gender+sexual orientation issues?

first, I am horribly confused, and I cant really make much sense out of what im saying. I don’t even know what Im trying to say..
I am Female, but I recently figured out that im some form of genderqueer. I’ve never actually felt completely one gender or the other. always somewhere in between. but its like that somewhere is changing a lot. I dont mind really, I just act and dress the way I feel depending on the moment. sometimes I’m like a boy thats a bit feminine, and a little less often, I’m a girl that’s a bit masculine.
one of my problems is..my hair. right now its a guys hairstyle, I usually like it and it makes me look more genderless or masculine, but sometimes I wish I had my long curly hair again. like every 3 days I feel that way. another thing, when I had my long curly hair, all I could think about was how it was annoying and hard to take care of. but a lot of people say I look better with long hair, but that might just be because they’re not used to a female looking and acting like a boy. I just wish I could have my long hair every 3 days. it doesn’t really seem like a big deal, how my hair looks but idk..it kinda makes a difference to me.
another thing im trying to figure out is my sexual orientation. I thought I was attracted to guys, but then I noticed that Im more attracted to feminine guys, and a lot of times I think theres something nice about tomboys. masculine girls. I’m kind of confused. I never actually had a crush on a girl, but then again I havn’t had many real crushes on guys either.
so I guess I have 3 questions. 1.what is my gender identity? 2. what should I do about my hair? 3. what is my sexual

These are all definitely questions you have to address yourself. I hate to say it, but there isn’t anyone on the internet that is going to be able to answer them for you. All three of those things come from learning about yourself. I am not sure how old you are but obviously you have some sort of sexual orientation/gender identity issues. Just be aware of one thing, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I want to say this before any asshole on Yahoo does. You’re not the only person to go through this. Try talking to your parents. If you think they won’t listen or will judge you, then try talking to someone you can trust. Finding out who you are really isn’t an easy task.

Wow… Your studies are incredibly close to to mine… different than I saved the long, curly hair. XP besides, right here is what I settled on after somewhat analysis and self thinking: a million. I evaluate myself &quot:0.33 gender&quot: (additionally frequently used as &quot:2 spirit&quot: in some community American cultures). It skill that i’m neither a guy nor a woman, yet somewhat of the two, yet neither on the comparable time. it quite is somewhat complicated, yet as quickly as you start up using the term to describe your self, you start to type of hook up with it, are conscious of it. there is far less thinking of &quot:what gender am I?&quot: you’re the two yet neither. 0.33 gendered. ^^ 2. As I pronounced before, I saved my hair long and curly. in spite of the fact that, I actual have a number of wigs for my costuming pastime ought to I ever experience the desire for a extra boyish decrease. So i desire to advise transforming into your hair out and getting a wig in a shorter type (long hair is extra straight forward to safeguard than a protracted wig). yet, in case you have the persistence to benefit a thank you to safeguard wigs, choose for a protracted one and save your hair as is. besides, I pay attention that curly ones actual desire much less care. humorous how that works… 3. Now this relies upon on own selection. I base my orientation off my biology so it quite is much less complicated, so I evaluate myself bi. yet, if I have been to base it off my gender, i might probable evaluate myself as we talk (for the reason that i’m the two genders and prefer the two genders). yet, in case you have by no skill stepped forward a real weigh down on the two one, you’ll be able to correctly be asexual, it quite is totally great besides. ^^ yet quite, one in all those element is approximately self exploration and looking out what feels actual for you. ^^ additionally, sorry, for taking see you later. Yahoo’s being a soreness…

make your own clip in extentions, go to a beauty supply store, match up ur hair, buy the specific hair clips made to sew into the extentions, and go to a salon to get it cut to match in with ur hair. You use different lenthgs startring short going longer to make the extentions blend in.

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