favorite pop-rock songs/bands?

what are a few of your favorite rock songs?
i like rock, but not that hardcore-screamo stuff.
i lke more like paramore, linkin park, nickelback, audiovent, jojo, the veronicas, avril lavigne, and three days grace
what are any great songs or bands that u think i would like??
*the song/band i like the best gets 10 pts =)*

Everything I’m Not &amp: Untouched-The Veronicas
Girlfriend &amp: Innocence-Avril Lavigne
Home, Over and Over, Never Too Late, Let It Die, Pain, Animal I Have Become, &amp: Just Like You-Three Days Grace
Faint-Linkin Park
Decode, Misery Business, Pressure, Emergency, &amp: Crushcrushcrush-Paramore
Blind Man-Black Stone Cherry
Better Than Me, Use Me, Without You, &amp: Lips of an Angel-Hinder
Seventeen Forever, Now That We’re Done, &amp: Shake It-Metro Station
All Around Me-Flyleaf
Imaginary, Haunted, Everybody’s Fool, Bring Me to Life, &amp: Whisper-Evanescence
Rebirthing, Comatose, The Last Night, &amp: Falling Inside the Black-Skillet
Second Chance-Shinedown
I Write Sins, Not Tragedies-Panic! At the Disco

those are the non-screamo/hardcore/punk/emoish songs i like.
hope that helped!

I like some of these too! A few songs would be,
Fall Out Boy: The Take Over, The Breaks Over, and This Ain’t A Scene, Its An Arms Race.
Panic! At The Disco- I write sins not tragdies and But its better if you do.
3 Doors Down- It’s not my time.
Nirvana- Breed
Stone Temple Pilots- Down

Coffeeshop Soundtrack-All Time Low
Thunder-Boys Like Girls
Seventeen Forever-Metro Station
Guilty Pleasure-Cobra Starship
Theres A Class For This-Cute Is What We Aim For

You’ll probably like 30 Seconds to Mars, Madina Lake, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, The Maine, My Chemical Romance (later stuff), Taking Back Sunday, We the Kings, theAudition, Alkaline Trio, Mayday Parade, Panic(!) at the Disco etc.
If you have a last.fm account, they can give you some more recommendations related to your musical style.


the only rock band in that group is three days grace the rest are

umm i’m not sure lol but you should check out:

dawn of the dead by does it offend you, yeah?
rich girls by the virgins
the fear by lily allen
never again by the midway state
foundations by kate nash

actually i’m not really sure if those are rock lol they’re more pop i think BUT still good 🙂

thats terrible music.

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