Ever notice how children don’t really like the Narnia books — that their religious parents do?

The Dark Is Rising series was better.
The Black Cauldron series was better.
The Wrinkle In Time series was better.
The Tripods series was better.
Most series were better from a 10-year-old point of view.
What an unethical way to try and sneak Christianity onto innocent children.

I actually loved reading the Chronicles of Narnia as a kid. I still have all seven with me.

And I doubt children see the overarching allegory of the series. I certainly didn’t as a child. I enjoyed them for the stories that they were.

The Chronicles of Narnia were written over 50 years in the past by using an English guy, C.C.Lewis, so many of the words and phraseology and the kind were written for little ones in a unique time and position (if memory serves, he grow to be writing for a particular infant.) a lot of his writings were Christian, and there grow to be not something sneaky about the Narnia memories having similar content fabric. (those books are brilliant at the same time as study aloud to a baby.) to study a classic series alongside with Narnia to those nicely-known immediately’s unfair: like comparing immediately’s 10 year previous to someone 50 years older. : )

From what I remember of the Dark is Rising, there were no talking animals. From what I remember of the Black Cauldron, they were always wandering through dark and drippy woods suffering perils and fear and then characters I liked died. From what I remember of AWIT it was kind of dry and I had to start a few times before I got into it. The Tripods had no arrows or talking animals at all and you never entered another world.

I loved the heck out of Narnia and still do. 😛 And I actually figured out the symbolism–it’s not that hard–and went on with it anyway. They don’t try to convert the reader or drive home they’re sinners, the characters just do their things. (I did like Movie Nikabrik better. More rounded.)

I read the narnia books whilst i was an athiest.

i don’t think too many children know they are anything to do with religion and if they do i don’t think that many care, if they read the books i think they do it for pure entertainment. The other day I was explaining to my friends (who are 14) exactly how the Narnia books are connected to christianity. I wouldn’t nessecarily say Christianity is being sneaked onto innocent children, i just think C.S Lewis had a brilliant idea basing fantasy books on religion.


I loved the Narnia books when I was a kid (well, some anyway: I did read them all, but the first two and Prince Caspian are the only ones I remember really enjoying). I tried to read The Dark Is Rising when I was younger and found it boring and a complete drag to get through.

Never read the first three, but the Tripod series was amazing. You’re only the second person I’ve encountered who has ever heard of it before though.

Anyways, the first Narnia book was great in my oppinion. The second one was. . .the first one. The third one was . . .the first one.

At that point I quit reading Narnia.

I never liked the Chronicles of Narnia as a kid and I dislike it even more as an adult. The only thing that I still find kind of cool about is the bad *** talking lion.

Tolkien and Philip Pullman are so much better in every way.

Actually, my son, who is 9, really loves Narnia. I didn’t when I was a kid. I preferred Madeline L’Engel’s Wrinkle in Time and also read the Tripods. (Haven’t read the other two you mentioned). My son hasn’t really gotten into the Wrinkle series, but maybe in a few years.

The Wrinkle in Time series was really good! 😀 I even saw the movie!

Edit: Oh yea, the Narnia books just never grasped my attention. So, I don’t like them to this day.

I never liked the Narnia books. Not because of all the Christianity in it, but because I just thought they were dull stories. Harry Potter is so much better.

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