does my guinea pig sound like he s content or that he s afraid?

I have two long haired guinea pigs. one of them is a bit skittish around me – as soon as I put my hand in their cage, he runs around the cage &amp:amp: tries to hide. the other one, however, is completely chill. he lets me pet him, scratch his head, &amp:amp: pick him up without squirming or making any noises. he s also the one that usually gets very excited &amp:amp: wheeks around breakfast time when I get up to refill their hay &amp:amp: give them their food pellets, &amp:amp: then I take them out every morning to have some bonding time by feeding them a slice of a green bell pepper, which is a favorite of theirs.

the one that s generally calm to human touch generally sits still on my lap, but once you put him down on the floor he starts wheeking &amp:amp: lifting his head towards you. the skittish one hates being picked up, but once I start feeding him he s fine. he makes noises &amp:amp: eats &amp:amp: he s curious with his surroundings. but when I go to put him back he gets squirmy &amp:amp: hides under the towel I take them out in (I found it makes them most comfortable while being handled). I usually put them back maybe 10 minutes after they ve finished their peppers, because I want to get them used to me &amp:amp: being out of their cage.

so I can t really tell what s going on? my calm one seems happy but then again I m not an expert. my skittish one is a little off but he seems content when he eats? I m trying to get them both used to human touch so I don t know what I should do to further that. I don t believe I ve made much progress.

Well, the shy one sounds like it could learn a little more trust,being prey animals,they have to trust your hands won’t chase or grab them. They see you as no threat,they tolerate some interaction, but don’t count on them to like being picked up, they are ground animals and like their feet on the ground. Give them the freedom to come and go, they come around, of course luring them onto a lap with treats goes a long ways. One of my piggies never did like being picked up at all, not even much for petting,but I lay on the bed with them he would hide under my shirt and snuggle, I just let him do his thing.

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