Could Hillary spark the 2nd US civil war if she becomes President?

Everyone knows the libs are too cowardly to revolt against Bush but the Theo-cons (who own most of the guns in the US &amp: dominate the US military) would have no problem revolting against Hillary.

The question is how polarizing an effect on America would Hillary have if she became President?

It probably depends how hard she pushes her socialist agenda.

I would guess that she will probably push the health care, get it passed and the slippery slope to communism will continue. The president after Hillary (liberals get ready for Bush III?) might be the first American dictator… we shall see.

It didn’t take long to strip the freedom from citizens in Venezuale once they allowed their government to start nationalizing everything. People need to stop and think a little.

whats up i don’t think of Hillary would be in charge for a civil conflict, yet whilst that grew to become into to take place and the rustic grew to become into divided, the place will the pink human beings bypass? i’m not a coward and that i’ve got weapons am i assume to stand with one foot on the blue factor and the different foot on the purple factor? family individuals from the North and South, sorta sounds nicely-known. human beings ought to get a grip.

I am surprised that the country has not separated under the Bush administration. But, we are a civilized nation not a gang. I have a hard time believing that the Conservative gang will start slinging guns to avoid a female leader. There’s always a place in Iraq for those that want to leave since we have spent trillions of dollars there on your great leaders cause.

It’s true that liberal were just too cowardly. Look at the last time a Democrat was in office. Those tough right-wingers showed how brave they were when they blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. 168 people were killed that day, many of them kids.

Yet somehow, despite the polarizing figure of Bill Clinton, the US managed to muddle through the 90’s without a Civil War, with high economic growth, budget surpluses, and a world that didn’t loathe us.

What the hell, bucko. I am willing to roll the dice on round two.


I think it is a very possible outcome. Right wing gun nuts believe she is the anti-christ and would never follow her. There was already talk in the last election of two Americas. The United States of Canada on the coasts and Jesus Land in the middle and the south. The economic power of the coastal states would necessitate an invasion by the militant central states to secure a ocean port.

No, she will not spark a 2nd civil war.

Hillary is behind in the polls in Iowa, NH and South Carolina. If she looses those three states in the beginning, it’s over for her.

She’s not gonna get anything done without congress anyway and look at the mess they are. The democrats are arguing amongst themselves and the Speaker is ineffective.

If U S citizens hadn’t started one now because of W, they never will. If ever there were reasons, we have had plenty in the last 7 years. But most Americans are too fat and lazy, not to mention ignorant, to care about starting a civil war. You can’t get most of them to vote, let alone start a revolution.

Never thought of that. Well, it’s high time California seceded from the Union anyway.

All kidding aside, it would definitely have a polarizing effect on America, but it’s already polarized now.

No. &quot:Theo-cons&quot: as you call them, like law and order. Besides, she wouldn’t be in office very long. She was involved in so many scandals as first lady, it’s pretty much a given that she would get impeached by the end of the first year.

I would support breaking into two countries if Hillary won

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