Are there any charities/ relief organization that don’t pay their CEO’s huge salaries like Elizabeth Dole raked out of the Red Cross?

I’d like to send money for Texas flood relief, but don’t want to make Ripoff artists like Dole multi multi millionaires

Trump recommends sending Play-Doh to flood victims. We could start a GoFundMe to send a trailer full to Huston for whatever flood victims use it for. I think it is edible.

Sure there are. You can look up the charities online to find out how much of their donations go to salaries and fundraising.

Sure there are. You can look up the charities online to find out how much of their donations goes to salaries and fundraising. I always try to find ones where at least 85% goes to programs.

Saint Jude

there is a good website for getting that kind of data. It is called Charity Navigator. Nearly all the big charities are covered and they usually make good determinations of how much of the money is spent on &quot:actual charity&quot: and how much the CEO makes.

The CEO’s are paid big salaries in most cases because they can generate greater income than less capable CEO’s. You know, you could field a professional basketball team for $300,000, but they would be truly awful to watch. But try the Salvation Army. They are being paid by God.

Send it to a religious charity. Catholic Charities, Operation Blessing,
Reverand Graham.

Most large charities pay rather substantial salaries to their leadership. That’s because, at that level, they’re competing with huge salaries paid to private-sector for-profit CEOs. Even so, nonprofits still generally pay less.

The CEO of the American Red Cross earns about $500,000, but keep in mind, they are running a $3+ Billion dollar organization. If a similar sized company were for-profit, their CEO would likely be earning millions. It’s unlikely you’ll find a multi-billion dollar nonprofit led by someone earning $50,000 a year, and would that even be desirable? Big organizations need top talent in leadership.

Personally, I would pay more attention to the charities efficiency and effectiveness in delivering services. CharityNavigator (charitynavigator.org) is a good site to look up a charity and evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency. The American Red Cross gets pretty high marks from CharityNavigator, but there are other top rated charities listed there as well.

I’ve attached a source list for this purpose. There are organizations on the ground in Texas that are not just the Red Cross.

You can try the Clinton Foundation…….


I knew I couldn’t say it with a straight face.

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