Why USA and Israel hate Iran and her people?

Why USA and Israel hate Iran and her people?

“U.S.A, Israel rejects victory claim by Iran president”
“World reacts cautiously to Iranian’s re-election of Ahmadinejad”

The above two said, “Mr. Ahmadinejad wanted to destroy Israel” and despite repeated challenge they failed to present any evidence in support of their false and ill-motivated claims

They said, “the speech of Mr. Ahmadinejad at the UN anti-Racism and anti-Xenophobia Conference was bad” and walked out of that Conference. They failed to tell us any part of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s speech is wrong!

Now these two are meddling to internal politics of Iran. Interestingly, these two countries have been openly talking about nuking Iran! One must wonder, since when they become friends of the Iranian people? Is it like Charles Manson taking care of Sharon Tate?

Oh please do not forget about 1953! Good USA and CIA murdered the democratic government of Iran and rewarded them with dictator like Reza Shah Pahlavi!!

It is not difficult to dislike, or even hate those who have sworn to kill your whole nation.
The U.S. does not like (leadership, not the people themselves) them because of their nuclear program, and their desire to build nuclear bombs.
The more countries that have them, the more th chance of a nuclear conflagration happening, and especially if the leadership of those countries are fanatical.

I have to answer this with another question: Why does most of the world feel disgusted with USA and Israel? Why does USA try to police the rest of the world (at least the parts where they can get into the oil-industry and sell weapons)? Why don’t they try to clean up their own country from corrupt politicians and help their own poor people instead of destroying other countries? Why don’t the American people question the connections between the Bush-family and the Saudi Arabian leaders? (Bin Laden comes from those families) Why did the US start (and never end) wars in Afghanistan and Irak when most of the 9-11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia? Why does Israel build big walls to keep people away from their jobs and making it impossible to reach shops and markets? And why do they consequently kill lots of civilians for each terrorist? These are questions the world asks and these are a few reasons to dislike the two countries. When I say &quot:countries&quot:, I mean their governments, not the people. I wander what the US government would say and do if another country demanded that they changed their politics and also demanded that they stopped developing their nuclear bombers. Any country would be pissed if another one tried to decide what to do.

Since you’ve obviously not been paying attention I’ll help you out.

Here’s why various delegates walked out of the UN conference:

And threats against Israel:

And they don’t hate Iranians, they hate the Iranian government. I hate the Iranian government, I still have a good friend who is an Iranian. I spent 8 years hating the US government, I have many American friends. If we end up with a Conservative government here next year I’ll spend years hating the British government, doesn’t mean I’ll suddenly start hating myself.

USA/Israel got nothing against Iranians. Have you forgot how the US sent enormous humanitarian aid for Iranians twice when they suffered two major earthquakes that killed thousands of them? It’s the loon in charge that US/Israel has a problem with

Don’t forget also &quot:Death to America/Israel&quot: rallies organized by the rabid loon in charge. Do you need more evidence than that? But let me guess, he was also misunderstood and he actually meant &quot:We love USA/Israel&quot:.
Oh, and don’t forget 1951 when the Iran president Mossadeq nationalised oil and threw out UK’s exclusive control of Anglo-Iranian oil company. When you have paid millions of $$$ for exclusive control of a resource and end up being kicked out, you would want the president out of the picture too. Don’t forget 1979 Iran hostage crisis, either. In which funny enough, Mahmoud was one of the terrorist sh*theads responsible for the hostage crisis.

Does Mahmoud know about you? He could really use a good a$$ kisser….er, I mean a good PR liason for Iran government, especially since Iranians are steaming mad against him right now.

The U.S. contains people in it from all over the world including Iran. Everyone has the same rights. The same cannot be said of Iran. Iran is one of the most hateful, oppressive and Nazi-like nations on earth.
Do not misunderstand the situation. If Iran develops nuclear weapons there is every good chance that it will be nuked!

The United States doesn’t ‘hate’ Iran. If the Iranians could behave and act civil, they would be a valuable friend.
The problem is the United States does not trust the Iranian government and judging from the rioting and protests taking place even as I write this, the Iranian people don’t trust the government either.
You have a huge problem with individual and human rights, your ayatollahs seem to be insane and you flat out lie about your reasons for pursuing nuclear power. You are the only non-arab state in the Persian Gulf so you feel you can’t fully trust your neighbors and that’s probably why your government is paranoid.

lol. I see the joke in your main question. Israel hates Ahmedinejad and well, the US is at Israel’s bid and call. He won, get over it people. They are the biggest hypocrites, we and Israel are the biggest war monggers that ever walked the planet and we point the finger at Iran. Did Iran start war with anybody? Has Iran attacked anybody?Absolutely not! But the US started a pointless war in Iraq.This makes me wonder

I think you answered your own question with that last sentence.

It is the GOVERNMENTS of Iran, Israel, &amp: the US, that have their ever-shifting &quot:hated, evil enemies&quot: &amp: &quot:friendly allies&quot:, the PEOPLE of most countries have nothing against the PEOPLE of other countries, they all just want to live in peace…..

Talk to residents of nations around the world, the last 5-7 years, they didn’t hate &quot:America&quot: or &quot:Americans&quot:, they just hated Bush, Cheney, &amp: their cronies….

Because Iran is considered a rogue country and very dangerous.

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