Okay so I had this boyfriend for like almost 5 months. I’m 15 &amp: we both go to the same school. We were so much in love with each other,I think a part of me still loves him. The problem is that I broke up with him saying that I do not want to break my parents’ trust &amp: i’m just not allowed to date yet. My parents mean a lot to me. So we broke up and he was really really hurt. He was a nice guy to me but after the break up things got out of hand and it’s literally like i’m in a war with him. the thing is that while we were together we had some convos..you know what I mean. And i’m just a teenager and i’m freaking out about it and we have never kissed or hug but he has touched me there…so i really don’t know what to do now.I’m super scared what if he leaks all our convos and tells everyone about it.It feels like my life is ruined.I’ve been crying,someone suggest me what should I do? I’m sure he has all the convos with him.should i talk to him about it? or would that make him think i’m scared of him? PLEASE HELP.
They were dirty convos,if you know what I mean.I’m a very simple girl and I can’t believe that we talked like that. I’m in a war with him as after we broke up i told him to wait for me for some years and I thought everything was fine,no one was leaving each other as we still loved each other and then he did this thing which broke my trust and i got so aggressive and said mean stuff and since then all he’s been trying to do is make me jealous.I have said a lot of harsh things to him then why would he still care for me and even if he did he would’ve been like go to hell now. I once brought this up and he said is that what you think of me? and promised he would never. But come on,he promised me about other stuff yet he ended up breaking promises. So,should I really trust him? He probably thinks i’m a *****,so wouldn’t he wanna hurt me now? And I never allowed him to hug or kiss me well because I’m a muslim and this is not encouraged in our religion. And now I really don’t know what to do. Btw,It was not only him who was hurt about the break up. I was too,way more. It was like losing a part of my life and yet I still think about him everyday,actually he never leaves my mind but then again I cannot date at this age because it isn’t right and for how long can it even work? After high school it’s gonna be all over. Then why waste time and feelings over this? It’s better to move on. Yes,I know i’m very freaky and creepy and stupid but don’t judge me -.-

1st I would apologise for saying mean things, ik you probably didn’t mean it and think you have nothing to say sorry for but just do it. 2nd if he accepts your apology as if you can be friends again, tell him what you feel. 3rd make sure you can trust him 🙂

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