POLL: Should I Run For President In 2012?


Vote GaGa For 2012!

Sorry, you gotta be 45 yoa. Course, you gotta be an American citizen, too, so I guess age don’t matter, either…Go For IT!

Lady Gaga&gt:Sarah Palin

I would love it… finally a true left right showdown in this country… I guarantee you that he’d lose in the biggest margin of loss ever in a presidency!

i would but i wouldnt be old enough srry! but i will put up posters saying VOTE 4 LADY GAGA!!!!
and you could totally kick palin’s @ss

No! You’d make a horrible president. Everyone would have to be wearing Kermit the Frog. Yuck…

GAGA all the way!!!!!!!! oh damn im only gonna be 17 then 🙁 but ill tell my friend who is totally obsessed with gaga as well to vote for you!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOO!

sure go for it because people would vote for anyone but Sara Palin except Alaskans

Go Go Go Lady GaGaaaaaaa!!! XD

im not american but i swear ill tell all my american friends to vote for ya.
you would deffinately make this world a better place 🙂

love youuu 😀

Sure but I heard Kanye West was running to, in fact he told us on here that he was, plus he running for Prime Minister of UK.

A whale on LSD gives better speeches than Sarah Palin…

I’ll vote 4 u!

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