Home schooling parents, If your child asked to attend school, would you let them? At what age would you allow?

them to make that decision.

I did. My kids were home schooled from birth on (they were born when an older sibling home schooled!). My daughter wanted to go to high school. So, she did. I had no problems with it. I don’t home school to keep them isolated or away from &quot:bad&quot: influences&quot: like dating, drugs, or evolution! It was the best education for her at the time. Then high school was. For the year and a half she went! She got sick of the cliques and the slow pace. Of the required classes that were a waste of time. She came back to home school, studied for a few months and took a proficiency exam for a legal diploma equivalent. Not a GED, a state exam.

It isn’t an age issue. It is why they want to go. What does the school offer they aren’t getting. My sons were (and are, I have one teen left) perfectly happy and content in home school.
I guess high school age without a lot of explanation. It is harder for home schools to do labs and foreign languages. Now, other home school parents, don’t start in on how it can be done! I know it can, but it is harder!

I consider that if they do attend public faculties that they should be required to state of their heath files and school documents that they have not been vaccinated and that understanding should be made recognized. I’m sorry however the diseases that vaccinations are given for are very much round and lively ailments. The only purpose we do not see as so much of the illnesses although is seeing that of the vaccinations and so they restrict them from becoming epidemics. All of my kids might be vaccinated for their own security and for protection towards other children who’s mother and father should not have them vaccinated. I wouldn’t ban them from colleges, but I do think the know-how deserves to be public for the protection of the opposite children who’re vaccinated. They can endanger the vaccinated children, but the difference between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated is that those who obtained vaccines will not die from anything like the measles or rubella or some other disorder that would have simply been avoided. I would believe awful if my youngster died from a disease that might have quite simply been prevented (or as a minimum survived) with a simple needle stick.

We are just starting the homeschooling process with my 5 year old. We ask her all the time if she would rather go to public school (we can’t afford private school). So far she has declined. And she has made not any interest in it public schooling. She can change her mind at anytime, as long as she is willing to wait until the beginning of a new semester.

We have talked about it a bit with our 3 year old. She has shown a bit of interest in public school. When she gets closer to kindergarten age we will talk about it in more depth and let her make the choice. We will even visit the school to help her make up her mind.

Yes , of course!
Social skills are the most important thing a child can have, If my child wanted to attend School , i would allow them (at any age)
working and learning in a school environment allows a child to interact with all sorts of different people , this will prepare them for the future and will help them to develop interpersonal skills.

I am a High School-er myself. And my parents where both home schooled and i think YES! let them go to school because your child will learn better people skills. And it is so much easier to make friends, Honestly i think home schooling them during Elementary is the best way to do it but you should Probably let them go to normal school when they hit the 6th grade but if you think they’re not ready for it then wait till 7th grade but any later than that you might a problem because they wont be use to going to school and so many people and High School could scare them. Middle School is the best place to put them into normal school.


Actually, many homeschool parents, myself included, ask our kids if they’d rather attend school at least one per year. Every homeschooling parent I know (hundreds) makes this offer.

Our daughter always declined.

We also would have allowed her to withdraw again at any time.

EDIT: Nicole…school doesn’t teach social skills. Being out in the world does. Our daughter has lovely social skills…just ask her employer, her friends, her boyfriend, their parents, the people she works with, random stingers she interacts with, her teachers and classmates…

Please stop spreading mythology.

Around high school yes, but anywhere younger they don’t know the trouble they could be getting themselves into.

Take it from a girl who was home school, if i could do it over the bullying and inappropriate behavior that could’ve influence me if i was a sucker for peer pressure, simply wasn’t worth it.

I’ve known kids admitting to blow jobs, sex and drug use and i thought they were bluffing (that’s how innocent minded i was) I was penalized for respecting my teachers and authoritative figures, not being involved in sex, and for being smart, paying attention and learning the information. If i was a weaker kid, i wouldn’t of been able to take it…

Know your kids personalities before getting them out the house. Some kids NEEd home school, some can survive in a public setting. From the many gay teen suicide, drug use and dropouts in america YOU REALLY need to consider thinking it over with your younglings.

I’ve been homeschooled all my life. Im in 11th grade now. I use the cirriculum &quot:Abeka Book&quot: from Pensacola Christian Academy (wonderful system, very good). A few years ago, I wanted to go to a public school so bad. I begged my parents, but, thankfully, they said no. I am so glad they did. If I had not been homeschooled, I hate to imagine what I would be like today. Public school is a terrible enviroment for anyone. 50 years ago, chewing gum and talking in class were the kind of problems in public school. Today, its teen pregnancy, homosexuality, bullying, and rebellion. And I never had to go without friends. I met my friends in Church, who were also homeschooled.

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