Do you think Americans are so obsessed with the idea of ‘making history’ than?

they are with electing the most qualified candidate? I keep hearing this ‘let’s make history’ line. Is that what it’s really all about? Is that why 95% of black women will vote for Obama? I think Obama is sounding more and more like a ranting preacher than a politician. What do you think?

This is a big part of Obama’s campaign. He knows that he will get votes due to his race. He is getting 97% of the &quot:black vote&quot:. This is not because he has great plans for America, it’s because his campaign has catered to them. The web blogs, social sites, election forums, and other such internet site as those have been flooded by Obama’s campaign workers (excuse me, his &quot:supporters&quot:) encouraging people, all races, to vote for history just to make history. No other reason but to put a black man in the White House. Not to fix the economy, bring home the troops, expand health care, or improve education. Obama’s campaign was smart enough to know that one half of eligable minority voters usually did not vote. They have been urging people that have never voted before to get out and vote. The reason behind this is because these are the people that normally never kept up with politics. these new voters fit into two main categories: minority or just reach eligible voting age. Obama has targeted these two groups. He knew that he would get the &quot:die hard&quot: Democrats so he enlisted pop stars, movie stars, television stars, and athletes to appeal to these groups. One of his greatest moves was to align himself with Oprah. This move got him a large number of white females. With his propaganda tactics in full force on the internet, more celebrates than a night at the Oscars, and a gift for public speaking and speeches, Obama has obtained a large number of votes that don’t care if he is right for America. All these voters see is a well spoken black man that appeals to them through shallow and meaning less avenues instead of having the political knowledge and experience.

NOBAMA! Vote for Pedro! History is always being made, it is not a matter of white and wrong, it is a matter of lies and empty promises. They are all evangelists in a sense, and all have money, fame, and desire on their side. In the end it all boils down to which liar you really believe in.

There is nothing wrong with the call to make history, as long as you’re voting for a candidate that you feel is otherwise more qualified (or at least better suited, given the circumstances) than the opponent.

He reminds me of a preacher or a dictator, all of his mentors taught him well. He already has a flock of followers willing to blindly walk into the fire with him, except it wont look like fire to them until it’s too late.

I totally agree….Americans are so eager to elect him so as not to appear &quot:racist&quot:??? Also, perhaps some are scared of what the black community will do if he is not elected? Ridiculous, the whole election is nothing but a popularity contest!

Yes, of course! What also gets me is that Americans are still so incredibly stupid to stick with a 2 party system that obviously does NOT work! WHEN we lose this country, we have no one to blame but ourselves! I choose to write in Chuck Baldwin!

Yes, I think SOME Americans are more obsessed with the idea of making history. However, the most reliable voters, Baby Boomers, will save this nation again from yet another totally unqualified candidate.

I agree. Obama supporters want a change, but don’t realize his change will most likely hurt America in the end.

Obama has a great plan for the future, his message is one of change, and he has inspired optimism in a lot of people…he is plenty qualified to be president, so do not pretend he isn’t.

Whether or not he’s mixed race means nothing to me…

There are people on both sides who take issue with race, ..and these people surely are voting for the wrong reasons…However, I think there are enough rational people in this country, that whatever the outcome…we will get the best man for the job.

No. This isn’t the first time a black person has ran for President. If your logic is true, we would have had a black president by now.

if obama is elected, we will make history all right

not the kind that i am looking forward to,

but what i have kinda expected most of my life

hope that i am up to it

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